Basement Thrift Shopping

Mama and I spent Mother’s Day in her basement, cleaning it out in preparation for her upcoming move.  She’s found a potential renter for her house and may need to be out by June 1.  Yikes!

Mama keeps everything and doesn’t easily part with her treasures, particularly sentimental ones.  A few things made their way home with me.

This is my dad’s high school letter jacket and his football jersey.  I can remember him wearing the jersey.  Can you see how full of holes it is?  I can’t believe that she kept it, but she did.

IMG_3871My dad never wore jeans because they wouldn’t go over his legs.  (Guess who inherited the same problem?)  This is the only pair of jeans that she knew him to own and he bought them before they got married in 1968.  I slipped them on and they fit me like a glove.  The style must have been to roll the bottoms because the length is 34” and my dad was a short little thing, only 5’ 5”.  These vintage Wranglers are in the wash.  Wouldn’t it be funny if I wore them?

IMG_3872The dress on the left is Mama’s going away dress for her honeymoon.  The middle dress is a bridesmaids dress she wore in my aunt’s wedding.  The long dress on the right is from the 70’s.  I can remember Mama wearing it to different functions.  It had a red pin on flower that coordinated.  Don’t worry….I’m sure Mama will find it and give it to me.

IMG_3875I didn’t want these 4-H jackets but here they are.  My grandmother, dad, and I were all in 4-H in our youth.

IMG_3873 Mama gave me some planters for my collection.


I think the candle holder will clean up nicely.  I like the shape of it.


I’ll rewire this lamp and redo the shade. 

IMG_3886 IMG_3888

This was granny’s suitcase. 


Some shells….


Granny crocheted fifty million of these in the 70’s.  They are really sturdy and jackets won’t slip easily.


Do you remember when hand held video games first were introduced?  Here’s a few…


I could have used this hat this winter during all of that snow.  My dad used to wear it when he did his farm work in the winter.


This wrap-a-round skirt is from my junior high days.  I loved this style of skirt!  I may try to wear it if it will still wrap around enough to cover what needs to be covered.


I’m joining the fun at Rhoda’s Southern Hospitality today for Today’s Thrifty Treasures.



  1. Wow, those are some fabulous treasures! My mom had some great formals and dresses from the 1950s that she unfortunately let us use for playclothes and we destroyed them. I was in 4-H, too…love the jackets!

  2. Thanks for your sweet visit — My husband and his sister will soon be cleaning out their dad’s house – and 54 years of “collecting”! It’s always interesting to find the long forgotten “treasures”.

  3. Awesome treasures!! Love the lamps and the pottery. I think its awesome you have all that stuff, I hardly have anything from my mom/grandma.

  4. Your mom has a treasure trove!! Is she going to do a sale or donation, or will she try to make room for her treasures at the new house? LOVE your new planters!!

  5. Oh my gosh! The memories you’ve brought back!~! I think your mom and mine must have shopped together!
    xoxo Pattie

  6. Seeing your dad’s football jacket brings tears to my eyes. I am also a sentimental fool. My dad was captain of the football team in high school. I would love to have his football jacket and football blanket.

    I loooove your mom’s dresses too!!

  7. Oh gosh! That is the best kind of thrifting! I remember those skirts! What treasures and memories!

    ~ Tracy

  8. This is one of the most fun posts I’ve read in a long time! What fun to shop in your mom’s basement. I guess packing up and moving her house will not be quite so much fun. But still. . . what treasures!

  9. That must have been fun and interesting going through your Mom’s basement! That hat looks like it would keep you warm on the coldest of days!!


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