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School pride is a big thing around here and it probably is in your area as well.

When my friend Sally’s daughter went off to college, she noticed that the majority of fan gear was casual:  ball caps, t-shirts, sweat shirts and sweat pants.  Wanting something more fashion forward, Sally put her art skills to work and designed scarves for local schools.  The scarves were a big hit and soon a website was born, Collegiate Confetti.

How do I know about Collegiate Confetti?  Sally is the art teacher at my school and I’ve admired her scarves since she started designing them.  It is my pleasure to share her creations with you today.


Sally’s daughter Evan attends James Madison University whose school colors are purple and gold.  Her scarf is perfect to wear to a game, to a party, or to class.

Collegiate Confetti Scarf


Here Evan models a scarf in maroon and orange designed for the Virginia Tech fan.

Collegiate Confetti Scarf

Collegiate Confetti also offers Sally’s polka-dot design in green and gold and blue and orange.


Collegiate Confetti offers scarves designed for local high school fans.  Sally can design a scarf for any school; let her know your school’s logo and she’ll put her creative skills to work to custom make a design for you.

Collegiate Confetti Scarf


Brookville High School’s mascot is the bee.  I love the bees around the BHS on this design.

Collegiate Confetti Scarf


Collegiate Confetti also carries fleece scarves in team colors.  This red, blue and white scarf is perfect for Radford, Kansas, SMU, Arizona, Ole Miss or Florida Atlantic fans.

Collegiate Confetti Scarf


This yellow and black scarf is great for the Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, South Florida, University of Iowa, Purdue, Southern Miss, UCF, Colorado, Missouri, Vanderbilt, VCU Rams or Steelers fan.

Collegiate Confetti Scarf


Clemson, Oklahoma State, Texas, Bowling Green and Tennessee fans will like this orange and white scarf.

Collegiate Confetti Scarf

Head over to Collegiate Confetti to see more of Sally’s fun designs.


Wait, there’s more!  One lucky winner will receive the scarf of their choice from Collegiate Confetti.  Enter below!


  1. Suzanne Ramsey says:

    So cute. I really like the ones that look stenciled!

  2. These are so cute. I don’t have a favorite college team really. I’m not totally loyal to where I graduated. I really like the purple and gold dot scarf though.

  3. These are so cute! I wish there were a blue and white scarf–I’d wear it for Duke! But I’ll enter the contest anyway, because a couple of the scarves would be cute just for everyday wear!

  4. These are so great Paula.

  5. Love the purple and gold for JMU! My sis would love these. 🙂

  6. Love these scaves! I’m a scarf collector! Love the Clemson one snd plaid!

  7. Thank you for the chances. Beautiful!

  8. grammygoodwill says:

    Paula – I can’t believe you know this person. I’ve seen a couple of those scarves at basketball games, I think. You know I would love the Hokie scarf, but I also like the JMU one for my daughter. I wish your friend much success in this.

  9. grammygoodwill says:

    Oh, my goodness. It’s me again. I just saw the last two VT scarves. They are beautiful. My birthday is in May. I’ll have to show her page to my husband.

  10. Love these!

  11. Darn! I missed the giveaway! But I love these! I might order one for my sister for VT!

    • Sweet Pea says:

      I ended up sending my aunt a VT one since she has season tickets to Hokie football. I think she’ll enjoy wearing it next fall.


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