Coming Up for Air

Three days back at school and I’m ready for a break! I’ve met a friend the last two mornings at 5:50 am to run and that’s just thrown my schedule off. It is nice to get some exercise in before work. It’s not so nice to have to pack all of my clothes, make-up, and lunch the night before. I’m usually not so organized! We start from the YMCA and it is convenient to use their facility to get ready for work after we run. Plus, the Y is exactly half way between my house and work.

Spring tennis starts April 14. Schedules are supposed to come out today. Maybe these new shoes that I just ordered will bring me some luck! The shoes that I’ve been wearing are killing my feet. I had to have something different. I overpronate and it is really hard to find tennis shoes for that.

Speaking of tennis, hubby and I won 6-0, 6-1 in our match on Sunday. Our team is in second place! We have three more matches for the mixed doubles season. We play again on Sunday against a very tough team.

I’m off to yoga class. I haven’t done yoga in a LONG time and I think that my body really needs it. I’m expecting to be sore in places that haven’t been sore in a while.

We went to a beautiful wedding this past weekend. I love this picture of the bride and groom leaving. I’ll post more on the wedding later.

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