Cute Chicken Coop

A family friend shared a picture of his chicken coop and it’s too cute not to share.  Russell is a talented craftsman and also quite resourceful.  Knowing Russell, the materials that he used to craft this coop are most likely extras from other jobs or repurposed.


Russell lives near my mom’s farm and I don’t visit that area much now that she has moved to Walnut Avenue.  I really would like to see this chicken coop in person.


Chicken Coop 


Do you like the sounds chickens make?  I do!  The agriculture teacher at my school keeps chickens in his workshop and I visit his room almost daily during the school year just to hear them.


Mama and Russell were doing some work on the farm last week and she took this picture from one of her hilltops.  She likes living in town but sure misses this view.



Before summer is over I plan to visit Russell and to take a walk on the farm!


Would you ever want to raise chickens?  I like the idea but admittedly probably am too lazy to do the work.


  1. I gave raising chickens a try and at times wish I could do it again. What a gorgeous few! Russell did a great job on the coop.

  2. I don’t think I would want to raise chickens! LOL but I do love that picture your Mom took. Just beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous! Love that chicken coop. So cute! I married a farm boy. He wants acres of land and cows and chickens. His Nannie tried to get us to raise chickens in our subdivision. I have no problem raising chickens because I love fresh eggs, but I said NO WAY as long as we live in town. I don’t want the entire neighborhood bad mouthing us! But one of these days, my Hubby will have his chickens and I’ll have fresh eggs.

  4. Before we moved in to town, we lived in the country on five acres and we had six chickens! I loved them! I am ready to move back to the country and get some more!

  5. What a darling chicken coop!

    Oh. . . chickens. Sometimes I wish I had chickens; we all love eggs. But I can just imagine how my dogs would chase them. And I can imagine how I would feel about having to take care of them. I am so lazy at this time of year! It’s just too hot for me. 🙂

  6. I have been trying to get my husband into raising some and I have about got him convinced…he says if I can build a coop he will support me getting them. We already raise goats so why not have a few chickens.

    Love the coop…so cute and quaint!

  7. I had chickens growing up, and I have to say I have no interest in raising my own now! But maybe when my kids are older — at this point, I don’t want to add any new animals (or humans, LOL) to my household because I am busy enough keeping up with just the kids.

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