Cute Ghosts

My niece can’t visit without having a bit of craft time.  Since it’s October, a Halloween craft was perfect.  When I saw these cute ghosts in Country Living Magazine, I knew that Reese would love to make a few to take home.

Click here for the CL directions.

Reese and I put a Styrofoam ball on top of an empty Gatorade bottle to make our ghosts.  We dipped pieces of cheese cloth into liquid starch and draped them over our form.  After they were dry, we glued on felt eyes and tied fishing line to the top for hanging.  To make the ghost with arms, we inserted wire into each side of the Styrofoam ball before we draped the cheese cloth over it.


The one I’m holding kind of looks like a KKK ghost.  Whoops!


These two look a bit friendlier.


If I ever get a second of free time, I’d like to make bunches of these for decorations for a pumpkin carving party that I’m hosting in two weeks.  We are going to carve pumpkins in our basement, using our work benches as carving stations.  These would look super cute hanging from the ceiling.

On a side note, the leaves are just starting to change here.  This tree is one of the first to change in my area.  I’ve watch this tree for 17 years and it’s always one of the first that I notice to get autumn color.  Today I stopped to snap a few pictures of it .


I hate to see the leaves fall but I do look forward to their beauty.


  1. cute ghosts…
    I’m laughing at your kkk ghost – I had a similar problem while I was making birthday hats for my combo birthday party. I made a template – white, of course 🙂

  2. I love the ghosts. They are super cute! Reese is adorable too! How cool are you to have a pumpkin carving party? That sounds like fun, unless it’s me carving – then it sounds like an emergency room visit looking for a place to happen. HA!

  3. NOw those ghost are too stinkin cute – I love the idea!!
    & that tree sure holds a ton of beauty..I think we all love the fall time.

  4. I’ve got a big bottle of liquid starch from another project and you just gave me a great idea to use some more of it. I’m going to make some of these little gems to hang over my desk at the office. They will look great with my bats that are already up. Thanks for the great idea Paula I love the look of your little ghosts and what a great memory for you and your niece.

  5. I had to laugh at your KKK ghost. Oops!

    Looks to me like you’re an awesome aunt. What fun y’all must have had!

    I hope your pumpkin carving party goes well. Believe me, the baked apricots go really well with the pork tenderloin. Enjoy!!

  6. Those ghosts are adorable! I wonder if I can talk my almost 11 yr old boy into doing them with me …..

  7. Oh those are so cute….I gotta make some for my halloween party we are having…

    Ok I had to steal your last pic of the leaf…I used it as a background on my pc….i tend to take pics and use them for this and that is it…I don’t share on the web so hope you don’t mind. It looks so bright and cheerful!

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