Fitness Friday :: Week 16

Fitness Friday4

Are you keeping up with your workouts now that it is summer?  I’ve been on the injured list for several weeks due to an out of position pelvis.  I was sneaky last weekend and ran and played tennis but at my pt visit on Tuesday was told no more until my pelvis stays where is it supposed to be.  Drats!  Luckily I can still do weights and I can ride my bike.

The July 2011 issue of Shape Magazine features Audrina Patridge and her four move “ab-solution” routine.  I’ve tested this routine several times and the moves are too good not to share.  The article recommends shadowboxing or jump roping for 3 minutes and then doing 1 set of 20 reps of each move.  Then repeat.  I skipped the cardio part and went through the routine twice doing the recommended 20 reps.  I found the routine to be pleasantly challenging and an excellent ab workout. 

If you are looking for some new moves to spice up your core workout, I suggest to give these a try.


  1. Are you sure I can’t just order her body instead of doing all the hard work? 😉 Oh, to have legs like hers!!

  2. I was in your fair city today! DD had to take GRE’s. So I went shopping at Chicos. The best part was my four days weekly at the gym is starting to pay off. I went down a size in pants! Yay!!!

  3. oh the summer is NOT being nice to my time..this was a good reminder that I gotta keep it going!
    Thanks Paula!

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