Summer Blooms

My main perennial bed has been pretty since spring.  I’ve shared that we’ve killed our lawn in hopes of ridding it of pesky Bermuda grass and I’m realizing that any flower bed looks better when surrounded by lush green grass instead of dead brown grass.  Regardless, this bed provides infinite pleasure to me.

Lantana is perfect in this small island bed.  It takes the heat and keeps on blooming.  I’m still trying to figure out what to plant in between the bushes next to the house and the Liriope.

Late last summer I planted this Chaste tree.  This plant is deer proof making it perfect for my yard.

The bees love this plant. 

I’m hoping that this will keep blooming until the end of the summer.  I’m thrilled with how much it grew in the first year.  I may end up pruning this plant into a tree shape.  I’ve seen that done in different landscapes and it is quite attractive.  For now I’ll leave it as a bush.


  1. I think your yard is beautiful! It’s obvious that a lot of time and thought and care go into making it look so great. Wish I had your planning skills when it comes to gardening.

  2. Your yard looks amazing Paula!!! I love your pavers too, such a great space. Hope you are enjoying your Summer!!

  3. I love the lantana! We had a small bed in our front yard full of lantana but my hubby ended up pulling it up because it was taking over the sidewalk!

  4. Everything looks very natural and pretty, Paula. Is the purple plant salvia? I am growing something like it. I love how it spreads. Your lantana is pretty, too!


  5. Paula your garden is lovely!!

    maybe some Corabels would be nice between all that green.
    Corabels are a deep redish color and do great in shade or full sun.
    I hope your grass pans out well. We don’t have the gutts to let all of ours go but we probly should.

    Keep blooming!!! It all looks great!!

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