Fitness Friday :: Week 17 (Booty Lifter!!)

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Welcome back to Fitness Friday!  I hope that in the past week you found some time to exercise.  A little exercise goes a long way toward both mental and physical health.

Today’s exercise is one of my favorites and I do it almost every single time I go to the gym.  If toning your tush is one of your fitness goals, you’ll want to add this exercise to your routine.

Tone that Butt! by


All you need for this booty lifting exercise is a flat bench.

Place your hips on the edge of the bench, lie flat, and hold on to the opposite end of the bench with your hands.  (Placing a rolled towel under your hips to cushion them is a good idea.) Extend your legs straight out, toes pointed down.

Lift both legs up and hold for a second or two.

Move your legs out to the side and hold for a second or two.

Move your legs back to the center position and hold for a second or two.

Finally, move your legs back to the start position.  That’s one repetition.

I do three sets of ten repetitions of this exercise but not all in a row.  What I mean is I use this as an “in between” exercise.  For example, if I’ve completed an upper body exercise such as tricep extensions, rather than just sitting while I rest my upper body for a moment, I switch to this lower body exercise.  By the time I’ve completed a set of the lower body exercise, my upper body is rested and ready for the next exercise.  Doing this uses every precious gym minute efficiently.

This video demonstrates the exercise.

Try this exercise and give that booty a lift!  Your lower back will be happy with this exercise, too.


  1. Fantastic move! I haven’t done that one since we left our neighborhood that had a gym….looks like I’ll be cleaning the coffee table off 😉
    It was hard to workout this week, but I managed to squeeze in a run….a walk/jog.
    Happy Friday

  2. Oh Paula – I used to be a gym junkie, but ever since I had the baby back in January, I haven’t been but for once. Carrying him around has been the only exercise for me lately…:(

  3. AWESOME! I could use a bootie lift! I’ll definitely add this in. I’ve never seen that exercise before. Very excited about my new future butt. Thanks Paua!

  4. I’ve never seen this exercise either but I will be doing it!! Thanks! I LOVE Fitness Friday!

  5. just looking at that makes me feel the pain!! lolololol
    but im willing to give it a try!!!
    I am doing some of your earlier ones that you posted and I can feel it working those muscles!!

    LOVE the video – it helps so much!!

    This is a great series Paula!!!!!
    so glad I stopped by!!!

  6. Ouch! Right now I strained my back reaching across from the driver’s seat to the floor of the passenger seat to retrieve a dropped grandchild toy – twisted something – oh, pain – won’t be trying that any time soon. Looks like it’s working for you! Linda

  7. Hi Paula. Thanks for visiting my blog. I so wish I had the drive to exercise like you do. Walking is about all I love to do. I love that you are encouraging others through your blog.
    Using a tennis racket for a wreath is so creative. I would have never thought of that. I read back on your blog and saw lots of things I want to try. Thanks again for visiting me.

  8. I’ve been away from the gym for a while, and recently started doing P90X with my son. Good for you for making fitness a priority. Great move! Thanks for sharing.

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