Fitness Friday :: Week 18 (Booty Lifter–Part II)

Fitness Friday4

Last week’s exercise is one not to miss if you are interested in toning your glutes

This week I’ll show you a variation of the same exercise.

Just like last week, all that’s needed for this exercise is a flat bench.  Place your hips on the edge of the bench, lie flat, and hold on to the opposite end of the bench with your hands.  Spread your legs out with your toes touching the floor and pointed down.

Use your glutes to lift your legs so that they are raised and straight behind you.

Returning to the starting position makes one repetition.

I do ten repetitions at a time to make one set.  After I do an upper body exercises, I’ll do a set of these.  Alternating upper body and lower body gives one body part a rest while others are still working.  The more work you do, the more calories you burn!  I end up doing three sets, just not all at once.

Be sure to watch the video where I share a third variation of the exercise!
(Please ignore the heavy breathing that you hear in the video.  There was a big guy in the room doing an ab workout and apparently working pretty hard at it.)


  1. It is not fair that you have such nice toned legs, although I bet I could have some too if I laid off the brownies. 😉

  2. Another great move! Looking at my pics from this weekend’s camping trip, I could probably use a few sets of these. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Gosh, your legs are awesome! I’m so totally jealous!! I’m out of the gym until the kids go back to school, but I might could figure out something to use as a bench to do this at home. My butt could definitely use some lift! Thanks Paula!

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