Fitness Friday :: Week One

Fitness Friday2

Are you ready to tone your thighs, hamstrings, and glutes?  You know you are!

I have been doing this exercise inspired by Cindy Crawford since 1993.  Cindy had a workout video and a few exercises from it were featured in a magazine.  I started doing these two exercises featured in the magazine article in ‘93 and have been doing them ever since.  This exercise is a good warm-up exercise and it also tones some problem areas.

Are you ready?  Here we go!

Start by standing upright with your feet hip distance apart, toes pointing forward.  I like to put my hands on my hips, but you could also leave your arms by your sides.


Now, slowly bend your knees, sinking into a sitting position.  You’ll feel like you are really sticking out your bootie.  Note that my knees are not bent to 90 degrees.  I see people at the gym sinking into a much lower sitting position, but I don’t because of fear of knee irritation.


I like to do three sets of ten repetitions of this exercise alternating with the following version.
For the next version, stand straight with you legs a little more than hip distance apart with your toes turned out.


Slowly sink to a squat.


Think about pushing your hips forward as you slowly lower down.  You’ll feel a nice tightening sensation in your inner thighs.


Hold this position for a few seconds and you’ll get a nice burn in your quads and glutes.  I find that I can bend my knees to an almost 90 degree position with no strain on my knee joint.  Be careful to protect your knees!


My normal routine for these two exercises is to do a set of ten with my knees forward followed by a set of ten with my toes turned out.  I do a total of three sets.  I’ve found that these exercises are good for general toning and are also good as a warm-up.  I do them before tennis or running from time to time to get the blood flowing to my muscles.  I also do this exercise at the gym to alternate between an upper body and a lower body exercise.

If you try this exercise, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Next week we’ll do one of my favorite ab exercises.  I hope you’ll join me!

I’m sharing with Jen’s Weekend Wrap-Up party.


  1. Way to go, Paula! I’m so excited about this series!

    I started doing strength training when I was 39. For awhile I worked with a trainer and was really in great shape. Lately I’ve slacked off–but I’d love to get back into better shape. I’ll follow along with you!

    By the way, good word about the knees!

  2. I’m here…and ready for our workout! Great photos to show us how! Thanks! Enjoy your day! I’m going for a walk now! ♥

  3. The second one looks a lot like a plié in ballet! I think this is going to be a really cool series, Paula! 🙂

  4. OH MY GRACIOUS! Paula, you have the best legs! DURN! Okay. I have been a real squat slacker lately. I’ve never done the second kind at all. I’ll add it into my routine.

    I have a question. Just curious. Do you weight train and if so how many times a week? Thanks!

    I’m VERY excited about this series! WOO HOO!

  5. I used to do the second one when I was youngerrrrr…like 35 yrs ago in ballet. It was 2nd position. Guess I could try and start this again since it is pretty easy but oh my I know I will feel some pain.

    Thanks for doing this I need to shed some very unwanted pounds off and I need to be in better shape.

  6. I’m with FFB…excited about this series!

    I think you look fantastic! I’m going to try to implement these this week, and I’ll report back!

  7. I’m feeling the burn just looking at the pictures! What a great series Paula. You are doing us a nice service. The pics are really helpful. Is Mr. SP your photographer? 😉

    Looking forward to the abs too.


  8. I’m excited about this series, so I became a follower. I did the sets while I was reading your blog! Love it! I have a question since you mentioned being careful with your knees. If I am carrying an extra 80 pounds should I be running? I started the c25k this past summer and loved it. Got a new job and was sidetracked. I want to get back in it, but fear of ruining my knees!

  9. Sounds great, just be careful because is the pictures your knees are tracking out over your toes in both the regular squat and the sumo squat. You want them to be over your ankles so that you are protecting your knees.

  10. I have done this everyday since Friday…! Thank you! They are a nice simple exercise and I can feel the burn! Thanks, Paula! Can’t wait for next week.

  11. Can we trade legs? WOW!

    Must exercise…
    Must exercise…
    Must exercise…

    Still so much baby weight to lose. =(

  12. yes! so excited to go thru this with you Paula!!

    Loving these!!!!

    I remember doing something similar in ballet classes as a teenager.

    cant wait till next week!

  13. I stumbled onto your blog & think you are in great shape. I once was in great shape. Have had countless back surgeries & major knee issues. I go to the gym and love weight training but I am limited. I will try these & see if my knees will cooperate. Sometimes they are good or the next day I’m wrapping them in ice. I can’t tell my body- my body is usually calling the shots. It’s been a long road. Thanks for the information. Will continue to fool you…

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