Winter Decorating

Winter.  Cold.  Snow on the Ground.  Brrr…  I love decorating with the seasons, winter included.

My kitchen table sports a bowl of glittered pinecones and silver pinecone candle holders.  White candles add another wintery touch.

The Christmas Poinsettias are still looking good and I’ll keep them around as long as they don’t make too much of a mess.  I’ve had success in the past with getting them to re-bloom, but I’m not sure if I’ll keep these two long enough to give them that chance.


The winter scene on my vintage Econolite is perfect for this time of year.

The dining room also sports a wintery centerpiece.  I purchased the green marbleized candles from a Vermont crafter.

The mantel wreath is pinecone, one that I’ve had since 1994, handmade by a lady from a local church.  I hope that it will last for years to come.  I filled the hurricanes with Magnolia pods and pulled out some of Mama’s old crocks to fill in the empty space in the middle. 

It will be spring before we know it.  I’m enjoying winter for now!


  1. Everything looks great!! Clean lines and simple decor. I need to work on my house today. There’s really no snow on the ground, but they cancelled school…I’m actually happy about that today. 🙂

  2. Paula, your house is always so clean and pretty. I am totally in love with the Magnolia pods. Fabulous idea. I’ve always loved those. And, as always, I’m totally jealous of your green thumb with the poinsettas. They die at my house within a day or two.

  3. Love everything! Makes me want to curl up there with a mug of cocoa, a throw, and a good book!

  4. Paula, love the feel & look of your home! Crisp, clean & beautiful. Girl, you have brought back a wonderful memory. I have not thought of a lamp like that in 30 + years. I had no idea what they were called and cannot for the life of me remember the scene that we had on ours, when I was a little girl. I am fixing to google them. Thanks for sharing and your winter table & decorating looks great.

  5. I love your winter decor! However, I am getting a little tired of winter…I’ll be glad when spring arrives. Maybe if I did a little winter decorating, I would like it better. 🙂 Carla

  6. All your winter decor is just beautiful! I love the centerpieces especially.

    Unfortunately I am one who isn’t enjoying the winter…I’ve enjoyed it to death and now I’m done!

  7. Oh my, that Econolite (I didn’t even know that was the name of it)brings back so many memories. My great grandmother had one with a waterfall on it and I remember being mesmerized by it for hours on end (or what seemed like hours to an antsy little girl).


  8. It all looks so beautiful. I love those green marbled candles and the branch between the chairs the most. I’m trying to enjoy winter but I’m secretly pining away for spring.

  9. Hi Paula, nice to meet you, I love your home and decor..very simple and charming!

    thank you for stopping by, and stop by often..I am your newest follower as soon as I finish this post!


  10. I would love to have you join my site its Crafty One Dollar Creations and i’m interested in creating anything with the use of only a dollar! I’m posting your beautiful picture of the sparkly pine cones on the table in your winter decorating ideas page. I am a pine cone collector and thought yours were beautiful and wanted to share them with my followers i’ll send them your way! I look forward to having your suggestions. And comments are welcome! I look forward to your feed back. Oops I also loved your scrappy extra decoupaged heart! Njoy…..

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