Fitness Friday :: Week Twenty (Kitchen Triceps Work)

Fitness Friday4

It’s Friday again, time for a new exercise.  One area that plagues women is the triceps area; You know, the area under your arm that often feels loose and hangs.  You don’t have to go to the gym to work this area.  What?  Watch the video and then get into your kitchen to try it yourself.

Note:  My elbow looks a little bit high while I’m doing this exercise.  I’m used to exercising in front of a mirror where I can monitor my form.  If I put my elbow down just slightly, then there would be a straight line from my shoulder, through my elbow, to my wrist when I performed each repetition.

Will you now think about raiding your pantry for an exercise tool instead of a snack?

I’ve been battling a back problem all summer and have been ordered by my pt to do nothing until my next appointment on Tuesday.  Nothing isn’t in my vocabulary and I’m not even at the 24 hour mark and am going c.r.a.z.y!  Please cross your fingers for me that I’ll be back to normal soon.  I’ve been out of tennis and running for two months now and am getting very frustrated.  If your body allows you to exercise, do it!  It’s easy to take good health for granted.


  1. Bummer about your back. 🙁 I hope everything is healed up soon! I would not have thought to use cans!!

  2. I hope your back feels better! Maybe a long walk in the hot sun will fake you out and make you think you got a great workout:-)

  3. I looove your kitchen! Gorgeous!

    I do this exercise with dumbells, but didn’t know about the variation with the twist at the end of the extension. I’ll try that! Thanks Paula!

  4. Hi Paula,
    I am loving the tutes’ on staying in shape!
    My triceps are one of my trouble spots.
    Iv’e never seen the twisted wrist idea – gonna try that for sure!!
    So glad I got to stop by, Thanks for all the great tips!

  5. Hope you’re feeling better soon! It’s never fun when the back goes out. Great teaching video though. I will think twice next time I go to the pantry for a snack. I have plenty of tomato soup cans. Get better soon!

  6. What a great little exercise and you can’t beat the cost of the equipment since it’s just stuff out of your pantry. I’ve been wanting a good exercise to work the triceps…I’m gonna try this tonight while I watch What Not to Wear’s season premiere. Love that show! Sorry to read about your health issues. Since having sciatica last year I know how much we take being able to do simple things like exercise for granted. Hope you get the news you’re waiting for and you can get back to your active lifestyle real soon!

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