Cookies Containers for Sports Fans

Richella of Imparting Grace recently made an adorable UNC cookie tin for Preston, her son who will be a freshman this fall.  Richella used a plastic bag from the campus bookstore to make her own vinyl decal to embellish a tin she had on hand.  You can read more about how Richella made this tin by clicking here.
Richella's Tin

I loved this idea and thought I’d try to make a version for my husband who is a University of Wisconsin graduate.  I looked through a box of Christmas “stuff” and found a tin that was a suitable size.

Next, I gave it several coats of spray paint.  I found these stickers on Mr. SP’s desk.  (Hope he doesn’t mind that I used them without asking!)

I placed the largest sticker on top of the container.

Then I filled it with chocolate chip cookies.
Tin Cookies

After adding a ribbon around the top for a little color, Mr. SP now has a treat to take to work to share with his co-workers, a few of which are Wisconsin grads.

When football starts, I’ll send treats with him to work to celebrate Wisconsin victories, especially if they beat Ohio State (10/20/11) or Penn State (11/26/11).

Since two stickers were left, I figured I may as well make two more containers.  I went back to my Christmas stash and found two more candidates.

I think that I like these two even better! 
W Containers2

Many thanks to Richella for inspiring this quick, easy, and fun project.


  1. Cool, Paula! These look great! The fact that you vinyl decals is great–yours lie so nice and smooth and look even neater than my homemade one, plus you don’t have to mess with ModPodge. Of course, I was glad to recycle a product that otherwise would have been thrown away, but since you had the stickers, I think you put them to great use! I’ll bet your husband was thrilled with them. And I’m betting he was even more thrilled with the cookies! šŸ™‚

    Thanks so much for linking to my post–that was really nice of you.

  2. Isn’t it fun to take a neat project and make your own spin on it? Yours turned out great, Paula!

  3. i just saw something like this, but instead of giving it as a gift, they used it as storage on an open shelf. ah, the possibilities! i, too, stored away this idea for future use. love the way you used it! fun for hubby and coworkers!

  4. Fellow WI grad here in Iowa. Need them to beat Iowa and Nebraska too!! ON WISCONSIN! Love the tins and your blog too.

  5. This will be perfect for my church auction. I can do them with local universities and high schools and then fill with cookies to be auctioned. Perfect! Thanks Paula.

  6. SUPER cute! Those tins come in so handy, don’t they? I love how they turned out! I’m still DYING to make your chocolate chip cookies, but I need to take off a few pounds first. šŸ˜‰

  7. And there are tons of tins at Goodwill in really cool shapes but sometimes they have Christmas decals or something else so I don’t buy them. I’m taking my mom Goodwilling this weekend and I’m going to keep an eye out for something and try this. Great idea, thanks for sharing. I bet your husband didn’t even mind you not asking to use those decals did he? šŸ™‚

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