Front Door Arrangement with a Twist

Thursdays this summer is my favorite blogging day of the week because it’s DIY day at Kimba’s fabulous blog, A Soft Place to Land. Head over to Kimba’s and be ready to be inspired.

This past spring I crafted an arrangement for my front door using an old tennis racket as the base. You can read all about it here. I spray painted an old tennis racket and used it as the base for my front door arrangement for spring.


I wanted a late summer arrangement for my door, so I pulled my spring creation out of storage and revamped it for this time of year.


If you have an old tennis racket in your garage, pull it out and use it as a base for a door decoration!


  1. I love it, Paula! That’s a great tip. I think T would flip if I cut up his tennis racket, since he just got a new one. 😉

  2. Paula, this is so YOU! Very cute and very well done. I do think you and I would work well together with floral arranging! 🙂


  3. Great idea! I do, I do have an old tennis racket! And I will probably never look at tennis rackets in the same way again. Thanks for the idea!

  4. I remember when you did that and thought it was such a creative idea! I like the summer arrangement – very pretty!


  5. Fret not, Miss Paula. I am sure Lifetime will air that first episode 54 times before next week. 😉

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