DIY Hanging Floral Display for Spring

Now that Easter is over, I’m moving on to decorating for spring minus the eggs, chicks, and bunnies.  For my sun porch wall, I made a DIY Hanging Floral Display for Spring that I’ll be able to enjoy through summer.

DIY Spring Floral Display - Learn how to make a floral display like this to display in your home. This would look great hanging on a door or on a porch wall. #springdecor #springfloralarrangement #springwreath #springdecoratingToday’s floral display is a Pinterest challenge that I’m sharing along with a group of blogging friends.  This is a monthly Pinterest challenge hosted by Cindy from County Road 407.  Each month Cindy picks a picture from Pinterest and challenges our group to recreate the look.  You may remember last month’s challenge, creating an Easter Centerpiece and Table.

Monthly Pinterest Challenge

Many thanks to Cindy for hosting this challenge for for providing this month’s inspiration picture.

This month we were challenged with this door decor from Tracy’s Trinkets and Treasures .

If you are coming here from Stilettos and Shiplap, welcome!  I am sure that you enjoyed seeing Tara’s version of our inspiration picture.  You’ll find a list of all of the participating bloggers at the end of this post.  I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone recreated this look.

Our Inspiration for this Challenge

Isn’t this a pretty arrangement?  I love making wreath for my front door and to hang on my porch, so I couldn’t wait to get started on this challenge.  I started by thinking about what I already had to complete the challenge and what I needed to purchase.

I already had a metal door basket, floral foam, and wire cutters.  After inspecting my floral supplies in my stash, I realized that I would need to buy all of the florals necessary to complete this project.

DIY Floral Display for Spring

This is my version of the Pinterest inspiration photo.  I used the same basic design with three Hydrangeas and a green and white color palette.

Floral Arrangement in a Southern Living at Home Willow House Flower Market Door Bucket

My original intention was to use this floral display on my front door, but I had trouble hanging it from the chain attached to the bucket on the 3M hanger already attached to the glass on our door without it hanging too high.  When I realized that it wouldn’t work well on my front door, I moved it to our enclosed porch and it worked perfectly there.

Spring on the porch with a hanging flower arrangement in a Southern Living at Home Willow House Flower Market Door Bucket

We use our porch as the main entrance to our house, so this floral arrangement is hanging in a spot where I will enjoy it multiple times a day.  It’s also visible from the street and neighbors that walk by our home will be able to enjoy it as well.

Did you notice that we have a Dutch door?  I see them in magazines from time to time but rarely in a home of someone I know.

Spring Porch Decor

The cart beside our door is a great place for a seasonal display.  For spring I’m using a lidded bird container and hand carved bird that were my grandmother’s, an Ikea fern in a vintage engraved ice bucket, and a metal picnic basket that belonged to my former teaching assistant’s aunt.  You can see how it was decorated for Easter here.

The doormat is from Ikea.  When I saw those paw prints, I knew in a flash that I was buying this.  I bought the green wreath to use on the mirror over our fireplace for my early spring mantel and have since moved it to the porch.

I really like how this floral display looks hanging on our brick porch wall.

Spring floral arrangement in a Southern Living at Home Willow House Flower Market Door Bucket

How to Make a Hanging Floral Display for Spring

As I made the floral display, I took pictures of the stages so that you can copy this look for your home.   I used a Southern Living at Home door basket that I purchased years ago.  I found a brand new one just like mine on Ebay if you like this look.  I purchased all of the florals for this project at Michaels.  Not pictured is floral foam.

Supplies to make a hanging spring floral arrangement

Step One – Add floral foam to Container

Use a serrated knife to cut floral foam to fit the wall basket.  When my door basket was new, I made a summer arrangement that I’ve used on my porch ever since.  I pulled the summer stems out of the floral foam and was able to reuse it.

Add floral foam to a container in preparation for making a faux flower arrangement.

Step Two – Add a Layer of Background Greenery

The way I arranged my flowers might not be the “correct” way to do an arrangement but it worked for me.  I usually do my craft projects in my basement, but for some crazy reason, I ended up doing this one in our guest bedroom.

When I’m making a wreath, I like to work on it while it’s in a hanging position.  I tried to hang the wall bucket on the door knob to work on it, but it was awkward.  Luckily the base of the wall bucket was flat, making it easy to insert the stems into the foam.

I used three bunches of greenery here.  Later on I angled the two side stems out a bit.

Step-by-Step tutorial to make a hanging spring floral arrangement.

Step Two – Add Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are the focal point of this arrangement.  Michaels had several kinds of Hydrangea and I purchased the ones that I thought looked most realistic.  Unfortunately each bloom looked skimpy to me, so I bought six stems, double the number of Hydrangea that I needed.

How to Make Faux Hydrangeas look more full

To get the look of three full Hydrangea, I wired two together.  I wired the stem in several places but that was a waste of time because I ended up cutting the stems much shorter when I inserted them into the floral foam.

How to make faux Hydrangeas look more full

After cutting off most of each Hydrangea’s stem, I inserted them into the foam in a pattern like the inspiration picture.

Step-by-Step tutorial to make a hanging spring floral arrangement.

Step Three – Add more Greenery

After the Hydrangea were added, I added two sprays of Eucalyptus.

Step-by-Step tutorial to make a hanging spring floral arrangement.

Step Four – Fill in with Flowers

Next I added white and light green flowers to the arrangement.

Step-by-Step tutorial to make a hanging spring floral arrangement.

Step Five – Fill in the Sides with Greenery

At this point I was liking how my arrangement looked but the sides seemed a bit bare.  I had one Eucalyptus bunch left and I cut it into pieces to fill in the empty spaces on both sides of the arrangement.  I would have been happier if I had two more Eucalyptus bunches to work with but I definitely didn’t want to have to drive across town to buy more, so I made do with what I had.

DIY Spring Floral Display - Learn how to make a floral display like this to display in your home. This would look great hanging on a door or on a porch wall. #springdecor #springfloralarrangement #springwreath #springdecorating

Enjoying the Spring Floral Display on My Porch

I’m really happy with my new creation and I know that it will be enjoyed many months on our porch.  In fact, it may stay in this spot until fall!

DIY Spring Floral Display - Learn how to make a floral display like this to display in your home. This would look great hanging on a door or on a porch wall. #springdecor #springfloralarrangement #springwreath #springdecorating

This porch is getting a huge makeover this summer.  The former owner designed plexiglass panels that screw in over the screens.  The idea is that in summer you remove the plexiglass and have a screened porch to enjoy.  In winter, you screw the panels into place and have a sun porch.  The wood around the panels is rotting and we’ve never removed them in summer for fear of them falling apart.  The porch columns are also rotting, so it’s past time to give this porch some TLC.

The porch will be getting new windows that open and close and new columns.  It’s going to be great to enjoy sitting out here in all seasons.  With the plexiglass panels in place, the porch was too hot to enjoy in the summer and soon we’ll be able to do so.

DIY Spring Floral Display - Learn how to make a floral display like this to display in your home. This would look great hanging on a door or on a porch wall. #springdecor #springfloralarrangement #springwreath #springdecorating

Next on the tour is Terrie from Decorate and More with Tip.  I’m looking forward to seeing Terrie’s version of the inspiration floral arrangement.

More Versions of the Hanging Floral Display

Click on the links below to visit each blogger who is sharing their version of the inspiration picture.  I’m looking forward to seeing them all!

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I would love it if you would pin this project to Pinterest for others to discover!

DIY Spring Floral Display - Learn how to make a floral display like this to display in your home. This would look great hanging on a door or on a porch wall. #springdecor #springfloralarrangement #springwreath #springdecorating


  1. I have that very container you are using. Mine hangs on the INSIDE of the front door and I change it seasonally. Right now it is filled with stems of silk forsythia. I cannot get it to hang straight for anything, and I am constantly adjusting it.

    1. I have never been able to get this container to hang properly on my door. I even have the door hanger that goes with it and it won’t hang straight. One the porch it hangs from a hook through the top link in the chain.


  2. I’ve always admired that wall pocket. I remember when Southern Living at Home parties were a thing. I’d always wished I’d picked one up because they are so classic looking. You have arranged yours beautifully. It looks fabulous on your porch. I love Dutch doors. Our house had one when I was a child.

    1. I loved Southern Living at Home products. When a new catalog came out, I’d pour over it! I regret taking one SL@H container that I had to Goodwill.

      Unfortunately, my born and raised in Chicago husband didn’t think that the Dutch door was safe and he screwed it together. I’m hoping one day to talking him into taking out the screws.


  3. It looks beautiful Paula! You probably know I love green and white so I love the florals you chose. I think it looks great on the brick wall. How exciting about the porch makeover. I look forward to seeing it.

    Great interpretation of the door decor for this challenge and step-by-step instructions.

    Happy spring!

    1. Thank you, Amber! I had fun making this.

      I am really excited about our porch makeover. It’s long overdue and it’s going to be nice to have windows that open and close.


    1. Thank you, Shelley! I am pretty sure that this will stay in this spot until the end of summer.


  4. Paula, I am always in love with your tutorials and how you style your home. The door decor you created off the Pinterest Pin is beautiful. Love the container you used. Enjoy working with you on all the hops!

  5. Love your arrangement, Paula. That container is so pretty, especially the shape and I love how the green and white color scheme looks on your brick. As always this was such a fun challenge and I can’t wait for the next one.

    1. Thank you, Tara! I had fun making this and I also like how it looks against our brick. The challenges are fun and I’m looking forward to seeing what Cindy picks for May.


  6. This is so pretty, Paula! I would love to have something like this hanging on my front door. Wonderful tutorial too. It looks stunning with the brick backdrop. Pinned 🙂

    1. Unfortunately my husband screwed the Dutch door together. He’s from Chicago and didn’t think that it was safe. Maybe one day I can talk him into removing the screws!


  7. Okay… so far on the hop, yours wins for most like the sample… I love the beautiful greenery standing in the back.. makes a real statement, Paula. 😉 Looking forward to seeing it on Homestyle Gathering. 😉

  8. Great tutorial. It turned out perfectly. I would love seeing that each time I walk up and visit. Looking forward to the porch makeover too! All that screwing things on and off sounds like a nightmare. 😉 Thanks for joining in today!

    1. Thank you, Cindy! I’m enjoying what I made so much. It’s going to be great to make improvements on our porch. Since we don’t take the panels off in the summer (for fear of them falling apart), we haven’t been able to enjoy sitting out there in the summer months for a long time. It’s a project that has been on our list for a long time and I’m looking forward to getting it checked off.


  9. Hey, Paula!
    I love how you used the white hydrangeas with the greenery! I’ve always loved green and white together. The arrangement looks beautiful on your back porch against the brick. And yes! I noticed your dutch door right away. I love it!
    I look forward to seeing your porch makeover this summer.
    >>> Kim

    1. Thank you, Kim! We are really excited to make improvements on our porch and it’s going to look so much better. There is a lot of rotting wood and peeling paint on the outside that aren’t attractive. We are having windows installed and I’m looking forward to being able to enjoy this room nearly year round.

  10. Love your screened-in porch with the new spring hanging basket you created, Paula! I loved all the things Southern Living had available at those home parties back in the late 1990’s/early 2000’s and your basket is definitely a keeper. Very pretty arrangement ~ I love how it looks similar to the inspiration basket yet different, too. Glad to be on the PC with you. 🙂

    Happy spring,
    Barb 🙂

    1. I loved getting the latest SL@H catalog back in the day. I would pour over it like it was a magazine.


  11. This is beautiful!! I love the colors that you used! And the container that you used for this arrangement is so cute!!

  12. Love the colors. Sometimes buying a bush versus long single stems is better as far as the skimpy and you get more flowers I use those green flowers that look like Queen Anne’s lace a lot. You might want to add a felt pad on the back of the container to prevent scratches, especially someone making it for the front door.

  13. I love how this turned out Paula. I have the same Southern Living at Home metal basket. I had planned to go to Michael’s this weekend anyway so I may pick up some flowers to do my own, Have a great day! 🙂

  14. Hi Paula, I loved your hanging door basket last year and I still love it this year!! Happy to feature your post at this past week’s Share Your Style #301. I still have mine from last year’s Pinterest Challenge together and it is out on the potting bench. I think the mourning doves were looking to nest in it but the tall spiky faux lavender plants prevented them.

    Enjoy yours if you put it out the same way this spring!
    Barb 🙂

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