Fun Night for a Good Cause

Friday night we attended a dinner/dance to benefit the American Cancer Society. This charity is one that we like to support because I lost my father to lung cancer almost twelve years ago. The event was held in a hanger at the airport. They had a private plane in the hanger that couples could pose by. I had my camera with me, but didn’t take a single picture. Luckily Mr. SP knew that I would want some pictures of the evening and took a few for me.

I had my hair done and I loved what she did. It took forever to get the pins out of it the next day!

They had a silent auction for many, many items including art. We won pretty crab print that will look great in Mama’s beach house.

Robin and her husband are moving to Houston. Rick is already there working, so our friend enlarged Rick’s picture and made this sign for Robin to use for the evening. She had a stuffed arm with a hand attached to it so that Robin could even slow dance with it. Robin is holding Rick’s “hand” in this picture!

These ladies are all tennis friends. We love to have a good time!

Ron must have been bored. He spent the evening on his phone.

What in the heck is up with my chest? My little girls look like granny boobs!

A good time was had by all and I think a lot of money was raised to fight cancer.


  1. Hello Paula, Thought I would say “Hello” since I am fairly new to blogging. You looked great and Thank You for supporting such a wonderful cause. Many people in my family with cancer as well. Come and visit me if you have time. You’re always welcome! ~Melissa 🙂

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