Saturday in Bedford County

Saturday was a perfect fall day.  After a brief debate to decide if we would work around the house or go out and about, we decided to venture to Bedford County for the day.

We started at a craft show at Bedford Elementary where a sweet reader stopped Mr. SP and told him that she reads my blog.  It was my first time being recognized by a reader and what a delight it was to hear nice compliments from someone who enjoys my posts.  Why didn’t I take a picture?  That was certainly a missed opportunity.

Mr. SP enjoyed talking to Sam Spangler at the craft show. He makes really pretty boxes that would be perfect for decorative purposes or to be used for jewelry. Since I collect turkeys, Mr. SP couldn’t resist buying this cute turkey from Sam. If you are interested in a box or turkey, you can contact Sam at ([email protected]).
Boxes by Sandy

After the craft show, we went to a chili festival and craft show at the lake.  There were eleven competitors and all of the chili was quite good.SML Chili Festival

One competitor had a pirate theme with a smoke machine to add ambiance.
SML Chili Festival Pirates

Samples were in served in small cups.  We tasted several twice.
SML Chili Tasting

One competitor had a Hokie theme.  The little boy in the background makes me laugh.  He’s looking at me like I’m crazy to get my picture taken there.  This booth sold SML glasses in Hokie colors to benefit a scholarship fund for a Franklin County student.  I couldn’t resist supporting the cause.  You can see one of the glasses on the table behind me.
SML Hokie Chili

What a beautiful day!  This is a busy section of the lake and I think this is the calmest I’ve ever seen the water here.  It would have been a great day to go boating.
SML boardwalk

Since the day was so nice we thought we’d go kayaking.  Unfortunately, the water was too low to launch the kayak.  If I was brave enough, I think I could have jumped to the top step to get on the floating dock.

Getting back up would have been a challenge!
SML Can't Reach the Steps

We really need some rain to raise the lake level.
Low Water @SML

It was nice to be out and about on such a pretty fall day.  Getting a few Christmas presents purchased at the craft show was an added bonus.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. What a fun day! How cool that you were recognized by a reader! I don’t think that’s ever happened to me. Love the lake pics!

  2. So many things I love about this blog post! Love that you were recognized! So cool! The craft fair and chili fest sound fabulous. What a great day! #envious

  3. It looks like it was a great day, Paula, and the lake looks so lovely and calm! I would have chosen this over working around the house any day!


  4. This is so bizarre. When I went to the Charity Home Tour, I kept an eye out for you, so sure you would be attending. I was at both the craft show and Chili Cook-off and never thought about you (sorry – that didn’t come out right). I may have seen you and missed that opportunity to say hey. And it was a great day for both of those activities.

  5. Love that you were recognized!! FUN! That has happened to me one time….very nice but maybe a little odd feeling too…in a good way!:)

    Your day looked wonderful and peaceful! We spent the day in Disney…not as relaxing but equally as wonderful!

  6. Well I have to say I was “star struck” by seeing you and Mr. SP!!! It was a thrill for me to meet you and you two couldn’t of been more sweet and gracious. We may see each other again, too, since I live by the lake and come to Lynchburg often. I hope that I will remember to get a picture!!

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