School Pride Bracelets

After seeing this post by Mich L in LA, I was inspired to make a bracelet out of a tennis ball.  Michelle’s bracelets are pretty, mine are sporty.

I cut a tennis ball into two pieces by using a utility knife to cut on the curved lines printed on the ball.  This is not easy and if you try it, be really careful.  I then skinned the ball by removing the thick rubber glued to the inside of the ball.  This was a tedious process!  I then painted the two pieces and stenciled on my school’s initials.

I lined the inside of the bracelet with felt and glued on velcro so that the two pieces would form a bracelet.

The high school team in the county where I work are the “Lancers,” so I made a Lancer bracelet as well.  I gave this to one of the high school cheerleaders.

I lined this one in black.

I made two MMS bracelets so that my friend Beth and I could wear them for the first football game last Thursday. 
I very rarely wear jeans to work, but it was for a good cause as teachers who wore jeans donated money to a local family who had three children in a terrible car accident last spring.

The kids loved our school pride bracelets and I had fun creating them.

I’m sharing today with Amanda at Serenity Now for her Weekend Bloggy Reading party.  Be sure to visit Amanda to check out the links.

Weekend Bloggy Reading
I’m also sharing with Jen’s Weekend Wrap-Up Party at Tatertos and Jello.


  1. Super cute, Paula! I always loved it when teachers showed school spirit. 🙂 Thanks for linking up with me!

  2. Paula, I can’t believe you made those, what a great idea for a sporty piece of fine jewelry. What a great use of old tennis balls and I know you have a plethora of them around the house.

  3. Now THAT’s recycling! Way to go, Paula.

    Probably good that you don’t wear jeans to school very often. . . you might be mistaken for a student! Now I’m trying to remember how old you are. I’m thinking you said that you’re six years younger than I am, but now I’m thinking that couldn’t be right. Surely you’re not more than 25!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. How cute! I would have never in a million years thought of this. And how fun that you shared! Have a great weekend!

  5. You are so smart!!! They turned out sooo cute! Love them! Don’t your teachers wear jeans on game days? Ours always wore jeans and school t-shirts on Fridays. I always loved that. They looked more like one of us. Super, super cute bracelets!

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