Garden Day :: Part One

Tuesday was a beautiful day for Garden Day in Lynchburg.  This year’s tour featured four homes and one garden.  Each was fabulous in its own way.

Today I will share my favorite of the five spots we toured.  Luckily, this was our last stop on the tour, so we unintentionally saved the best for last.

The tour starts with a walk down the daffodil lined drive.


What a beautiful home.  I love the classic architecture and the white and black combination.  The inside was incredible but pictures were not allowed. 

The back of the house has a nice patio that overlooks the pool and pool house.

Wouldn’t you like to sit on the patio for a lunch with the ladies?

The gardens at this home were incredible.  Me thinks that someone has a full time gardener or gardeners!JSDa6JSDa7JSDa8

I love that the back of the house is just as attractive as the front.

Back out the daffodil lined drive to the car we go.  That’s my aunt, cousin, and mom walking ahead of me.

We had a delightful garden day.  We toured two homes, went back to my house for lunch, and then toured the house with only the open garden, and finally two more houses.  It was a full day!

Spring Break is this week for me.  It has been SO nice to be at home and out of my classroom cave for some R & R.

I’ll share more garden tour eye candy in another post!

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  1. The daffodil lined drive just kills me! Gorgeous. I also love the shot of the kid sitting on the sidewalk outside…that so would have been me as a little kid. 😉

  2. What beautiful photos! Can you imagine having a landscaped garden such as theirs? Like you, I also love the old classic white brick homes. Gorgeous!

  3. Is there anything better than snooping in someone’s home and garden? It ranks right up there with chocolate!

  4. WOW! Those pictures are just gorgeous! It looks like something out of a magazine. Beautiful! Makes me wish I had a gardner.

  5. Paula,
    Thanks for taking us on your tour. We love to go on garden tours, too. This homes gardens are stunning. I love the bed with the two maple trees. Bookmarked your post to share with Tony! So many great ideas. Thank you and have a wonderful Holiday 🙂

  6. Gorgeous gardens! I wouldn’t want to leave! I LOVE that centerpiece on the patio and it has inspired a project. I hope it turns out half as pretty!

    I was reading my HEALTH magazine the other day and thought of you. There was a place to link up blog posts about fitness. Want me to send you the link?

    Happy Easter weekend!

  7. Thanks for linking this up, Paula! It’s so nice to have some inspiration pics of what I’d love to aspire to someday. 😉 😉

  8. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today. I LOVE that house and gardens. The whole colonial with a cool front entrance type house is my favorite (just like the one in Father of the Bride w/ Steve Martine). Sigh. Thanks for posting them–it made me happy to know there is good taste like this alive in the world ;).

  9. I had missed this post somehow, glad you supplied a link from garden day 2. This home is gorgeous, but I think there is a professional gardener or two helping out at this place. Beautiful none the less!

  10. I was there in the morning, and their landscaper was there. Tony Rini of Four Seasons Landscaping. He said the homeowner is quite a worker, and the back garden is designed to be at it’s best in the summer. There was a book on one of the tables by the pool house with pictures of the garden in other seasons. Really Fabulous!

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