Earth Day Blog Hop and a Chance to Win!

Kristina of A Home Made by Kiki recently asked for volunteers to test some of her Shaklee products and to participate in her first blog hop.  Having seen quite a few positive posts on the cleaning ability of Shaklee, I thought it would be fun to test their products.

I was sent two tiny, tiny tubes of H2 concentrate which was enough product to make a full bottle of window cleaner and a full bottle of regular household cleaner. 

My first test was the windows in our house.  Our house is old with storm windows.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of dealing with storm windows, you are missing out on a lot of fun a big pain.  We cleaned some of the windows with H2 and some with Kroger brand Windex.  Both cleaned equally well, but what I liked better about the H2 was there was no smell.

The bottom of some of our windows was speckled with mildew.  H2 cut through it with no problem.



My next cleaning test was in my kitchen.  I found that the H2 cleaner works well as general cleaner.  It did a nice job of cleaning my counters and the inside of my microwave but not so well on my stainless appliances as it left them streaky.

The biggest test of all was a shower in the deep dark hole of our basement.  This is a man shower used for post gardening, post woodshop working, or post workout.  I hadn’t cleaned it since the new year began.  Yes, it hadn’t been cleaned for over three months.  Gross.   H2 worked pretty well on this nasty shower and best of all, I didn’t cough from cleaning fumes like I usually do.  The shower floor is so old that it won’t get completely clean.  After using H2, I also used a bit of Comet to add to the cleaning power.



H2 worked well on our workroom sink. 

Sink Before and After


There’s two things that you could win!

1.  Would you like to win a $30 transfer to your Paypal account?  It’s not mandatory, but if you win, you could use the $30 to place a $30 order with Shaklee and therefore receive a free membership.  Wow! 

Shaklee is offering a free membership with a $30 purchase for Earth Day!  (You must be a US resident to enter.)

For this blog hop, start at A Home Made by Kiki.  She will provide you with a letter.  Hop to the next blog to get the next letter.  When you have the complete phrase, email it to this address.

My letter is……E!

Go to Trend Setting Mom to receive the next letter in the phrase.


2.  I have five Basic H2 samples to give away!  Each sample contains enough to make 1 full size (16. oz) bottle of all purpose cleaner and 1 full size (16 oz) bottle of window cleaner.


To win a sample:

a.  Leave a comment here telling me that you follow A Home Made by Kiki.

b.  That’s it.  This whole thing has worn me out!


Five winners will be picked after April 30th!  Good luck!


  1. Happy Earth Day! Loved how H2 worked and how others have used it. I also loved how there aren’t any fumes, no more bleach and ammonia products for me!


  2. I’ve bought Shaklee’s Scour Off and would love to have some more of their products. The Scour Off does a great job with anything that, well, need scouring!! Thanks for the post and I’m following Kiki.

  3. I’ve actually always wanted to try the Shaklee products. Thanks for the testimonial and especially for showing the before and after pics.

    I’m now following Kiki’s blog.

  4. Thanks for stopping by the blog hop. Impressive pic especially on the window from the mildew!

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