Geocaching…A Great Way to Entertain Kids

What kid doesn’t love a treasure hunt?  We went on a geocaching treasure hunt and found three hidden treasures very close to our beach house.  The basic idea is someone hides a treasure and you find it using a GPS.  My sister-in-law loaded an application for geocaching onto her i-phone and that was all we needed to begin our hunt.  We found three treasures in about an hour and a half.  Once you find the treasure, you add your name to the list and then hide it back for the next person.  You can read all about geochaching here.

Here we are starting our adventure.  The great thing about this is that it is simple enough for kids to do with just a little adult help.  We found three treasures so that each child could take a turn at navigating us toward the treasure.  Susan is getting Whit started here.

Whit and Alex think that we are getting close to the treasure!
Here it is!  It was hidden in an arboretum very close to our beach cottage.
What’s in there?  It was mostly trinkets but the fun part is looking to see how many people have found the treasure before you and when they found it.  The three treasures that we found had been discovered by others just a few days before we found them. 
We signed the list.  Now that we know where the treasure is, we should check the list to see if names have been added before we go home. 
Posing with the treasure…
The second treasure was really hard to find.  It was hidden behind a post at an outdoor hockey arena. 
We had about given up on the third treasure when Reese found it.  This one was very well hidden.
There’s one more treasure hidden near our house.  We plan to find it before we go home.
Geocaching is a lot of fun!  I’ve already looked to see what treasures are hidden in my town.  There are bunches of them!  Check this out if you are looking for a fun and inexpensive summer activity.


  1. I’ve heard of this activity before, though I’ve never participated. Sure looks like y’all made it a very fun day!

  2. I sooo want to try geocaching! My girlies are still a bit to young for it…(and I don’t have a gps…)but when they’re older, we’re doing it for sure!

  3. My cousin does this and loves it. I might have to see about doing this with my older two. they’d loove it! Thanks for reminding me about this!

    Congrats on winning Amanda’s giveaway! YEA!!!

  4. That looks so fun! And I love your thrifty treasures! I had fun looking through all the thrift stores and the antique mall nearby when we were down there too. I nearly bought another alabaster lamp from the antique mall for just $20 (a great buy on these!) but that would have made number 6, and I just don’t have room for another! I wonder if it’s still there…

  5. Just became a follower and look forward to return for future posts (:

    Looks like you guys had a ball! Treasure hunting was always a favorite activity as a child and this approach makes it even more fun!


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