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Free Printable Summer Activity Calendar for Kids

Keep kids busy and engaged over summer break with this free printable summer activity calendar. Kids will love all of the fun activities.

Free Printable Summer Activity Calendar for Kids

Free Printable Summer Activity Calendar for Kids

Depending on where you live, your kids may have already gone back to school or school will soon be starting. If that’s the case for you, pin this calendar to Pinterest or print it out and save it to use next summer.

If your kids don’t start school until after Labor Day, use the calendar to keep them busy the rest of their summer break.

Free Printable Summer Activity Calendar

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  1. Hi Paula- I’m sending you and your Momma nothing but positive vibes & prayers🙏💞🤗.
    You are a power house of energy and positivity.

  2. Hi Paula! I always look forward to visits to your blog. Hope you & your mom feel better soon. May I ask if you have been vaccinated for Covid? I got both my shots and exactly 3 weeks later developed Shingles. I’ve read a study in the U.K. of 230+ people that got the vaccines, 6 women got shingles. I don’t think it is a coincidence! Hugs, Stephanie

    1. Thank you so much! I got my COVID shots in March. I think the stress of having a stroke week before last could be the culprit.

      1. Oh, goodness, didn’t realize about the stroke! I will continue praying for you and your family! Big TX hugs!

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