Get ‘Er Done (or Not Done) Weekend

After relaxing last weekend at the beach and having a usual hectic week at work, I knew I had to kick it into high gear this weekend to get some things accomplished.

The leaves were raked and the grass was mowed:

Picture this covered in leaves; that’s what it’s been like week after week.  It looks like we are finally on the home stretch for leaf raking for the season. 

The Halloween decorations got packed away.  Yes, I said Halloween.  My Thanksgiving decorations have been on display since before Halloween and I just last Monday finally moved Halloween from the kitchen table to the basement.  Now it’s packed away until next year.  After I did that, I figured I may as well pack away Thanksgiving, too, since I will be at my mom’s and won’t have guests.  Now I have a clean decorating slate for Christmas!  
Clean Slate

Mr. SP and I decorated the Christmas tree Saturday night and enjoyed some of our friend HT’s Brooks Mill Blackberry wine in the process.  It’s early for a tree, but I like to get that out of the way so I’ll have more time after Thanksgiving to decorate the rest of the house.

No tree picture but my tree looks the same every year, so this picture from last year will give the the idea of what I’m going to enjoy for the next month.  Our lighted star stopped working last year making us have a topless tree for 2010.  I found a vintage looking one in Manteo last weekend, so our 2011 tree will have one small update.

What else did I accomplish?  Writing it down makes me feel good about myself!

~I repotted four Amaryllis.  They usually rebloom in April but maybe I’ll get lucky this year and get a Christmas bloom.
~I ran once and played tennis twice.
~I sealed my granite and gave my kitchen a good cleaning.  (Not 100% but really good for a normal person.  I’m not normal so I’ll grade it at 75%.)
~The bathrooms got cleaned and the house got dusted and vacuumed.  (It’s been a few weeks.)
~I washed my kitchen windows.  How could only three windows take so long?

What I didn’t accomplish:
~I really need to sew a button back on my coat and make another small repair on it.  I’m off on Wednesday (hurray!), so maybe I can get to it then.
~I need to start thinking about Christmas gifts.  I guess I’m still thinking and not acting on my thoughts.
~I bought supplies for two projects and hoped to get to them but didn’t. 

Can you guess what I hope to do?

These supplies are for a Pinterest project that I can’t get out of my head.  (Confession:  I spent almost an entire six hour ride to and from the beach playing on Pinterest.)

Speaking of Pinterest, I’d love to see you there.  Follow me and I’d love to follow you back.  Same with Facebook and Twitter.  My buttons are on my sidebar.

Have a great week!


  1. We think a lot alike. I have been clearing out seasonal and everyday decor trying to get ready to put things lout. I washed a few windows in anticipation of decorating later this week. I’ll check your Pinterest out. I could spend hours on that site that I don’t have!

  2. Your new grass looks fantastic! I got my Halloween stuff moved but you’re ahead of me because it’s not boxed up use yet! I am waiting to take own the rest of my fall stuff and maybe weed it out. I’m already in a January deep clean and get organized mood! Have a great thanksgiving!

  3. I love seeing pictures of your beautiful home. Your yard is awesome. Sounds like you got alot accomplished. Can’t wait to see your new Christmas project.

  4. I hope I’m in at the end of leaf fall too. Although, I expect to have to do it probably a minimum of two more times. 🙁 But, it shouldn’t be as heavy as it was this weekend. Thank goodness the area I rake is not big.

  5. Your front yard is lovely! I did not get much done this weekend due to shopping and horses….*but* Shelley had several lessons to make-up due to all the storms we have had lately, and I am trying to get prepared for Thanksgiving. ;P


  6. You’ve inspired me to get organized. Maybe I’ll have time over the holiday weekend. Such a pretty living room!

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