Highs and Lows of the Weekend

We spent the weekend at the beach.  I hadn’t been to the beach in February in many years.

The weekend had many highs and a big low.

The Highs!

  • We were out of town for the weekend.  Getting away ever once in a while is so much fun.
  • We had some really good food.  Chili Peppers is one of our favorite OBX dining spots.  I had some to-die-for Paella that included Rockfish, Shrimp, and Scallops.  We can’t go to the beach without a visit to Tortugas Lie.  There we enjoyed our favorite Grilled Fish and Black Bean Burrito sandwiches.  Yum.  If you plan to visit OBX this summer, write these two restaurant names down.  We had a most delicious bbq lunch at a new to us place, Duck Deli and BBQ Restaurant.  (pictures below)  We aren’t often in Duck, but if we ever are again at lunch time, we’d certainly go back.  We have heard great things about Blue Moon Beach Grill but sadly, they were closed.  Next time we are sure to try it. 


(We’ll both need to run a few extra miles to work off this goodness!)

  • The weather on Sunday was beautiful.  I went for a most enjoyable run that really cleared some negative thoughts from my head.  After the run we walked down to the beach to at least see the ocean before we left.  We are terrible about going to the beach and realizing when it’s time to go home that we never saw the ocean!



Can you see all of the boats?  The fishing must be really good this time of year!



Driving on the beach is allowed this time of year.



I never get tired of looking at the water.  It’s so calming.


  • I enjoyed reading this book all weekend and don’t want it to end.


  • We spent most of the weekend playing in a tennis tournament.  It was fun to have the opportunity to play tennis in a different place and to see our beach tennis friends again.


The Lows!

  • We didn’t win a single match in the tournament.  I don’t mind losing if I feel like I played well, but I don’t like losing when I know that I could have played better and won.  We were both so disappointed in our performances that neither of us got much sleep on Saturday night.  Oh well.  It’s just tennis.  It bothers me to do poorly because I work really hard at tennis and my hard work just doesn’t seem to pay off.

Do you ever feel like that?  Do you work hard at something and wonder why you put so much effort into it when your effort in doesn’t seem to equal your result?  I guess I’m just a little bit frustrated right now.

  • The only other low of the weekend was the fact that it poured rain all day on Friday and Saturday.  That really can’t count as a low for us anyway because we were indoors all weekend at the tennis facility anyway.


On a different note, the S word is in the forecast for Thursday.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that some S will come my way so that I can have a day to myself at home!


  1. Majorly envious of your beach time!! I think I’d spend all my time down on the beach if I could. 🙂 I feel that frustrated feeling an awful lot about blogging. I enjoy it for myself, but I when I start playing comparisons it just makes me feel awful.

  2. I love the OBX!!! Although we always stay on Hatteras. The Duck area is too fancy for us 🙂 We heard once on the radio while vactioning in the OBX that in the summer the Ohio plates outnumber the NC plates.

  3. I’m so glad you were able to get away and relax. Sometimes just different scenery can make a weekend seem like a two week vacation.

    I know you’re going to do better with the tennis. Remember that’s a goal for this year so you have the whole year still…we barely got through the first month 😀

  4. Any weekend at the beach is a good weekend. I am glad that you had a good time. Sorry that you didn’t win any matches, but just getting out there and playing is an accomplishment in and of itself! Carla

  5. What a wonderful February getaway! But, Paula, if the snow comes on Thursday, I hope it just snows where you are. We got snowed out for three days last year before Valentine’s Day, and the results were dreadful!

  6. The beach is so gorgeous! I haven’t seen the beach in 6 1/2 years. How sad is that? The food looks wonderful too! YUM! Sorry you didn’t win your tennis tournament, but I’m sure it was a fluke. We all have off days. You’ll do better next time.
    They’re calling for snow here Wednesday so I’ll send it your way.:)

  7. The beach looks so inviting, while staring outside at the snow on the ground! Know just what you mean about the tennis. It used to kill me to work so hard, know your playing well, and then be beaten by someone 20 years older, with wraps on both their legs. Must be all the years of experience!

  8. that beeach has to be a high i love sitting on the beeach is that at this time of the year as well its to cold to goto are beeaches in the uk

  9. We’re expecting the infamous “S” word this Thursday too (I’m in the wilmington area of NC!) and I’m not sure what to expect! eep!

    Hope you have a fabulous week! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

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