Glitter Gone Wild!

I’m having a good time with glitter this holiday season.  So far I’ve glittered pinecones, candles, and hurricanes.  I love the sparkle of glitter!
A chest in my living room is all decked out for Christmas with some of my glittered creations.  Want to see?
(Please excuse the pictures taken at night.  This working girl doesn’t get many daylight hours at home.)
I was inspired by the hurricanes that Kate of Centsational Girl glittered for fall using a stencil she made from vinyl.  Click here for Kate’s tutorial.  Gorgeous!!
cg glitter leaf hurricane 1
My project directions are a little different than Kate’s.  I started by drawing holly shapes on my hurricanes using a silver Sharpie.  There’re a little hard to see against the white peg board background.
Next, using a small brush, I painted Mod Podge on three leaves and then sprinkled on green glitter.  Three leaves at a time makes painting and glittering a bit more manageable.
Bring on the glitter!  I used a plate to catch the excess glitter.
After I glittered all of the leaves, I used a foam brush to gently sweep the excess glitter off of the hurricane and into the plate.
I used a red glitter-glue pen to add the Holly berries.
I used the same procedure to add glittered Holly to pillar candles.  I decorated a few smaller candles with designs using red, green, and silver glitter glue pens.
This project was easy, fun, and not terribly expensive.  The candles were purchased at Big Lots, the green glitter is Martha Stewart brand from Michaels, and the glitter glue pens were found on the school supply isle at Walmart.  I have oodles of glittered left over for more fun projects.

I’m joining in the Holiday Home fun over at Rhoda’s Southern Hospitality.

And also joining in the fun at Amanda’s Weekend Bloggy Reading Party
Weekend Bloggy Reading


  1. These are great Paula!!!
    I love glitter at holiday time too…the house just can’t sparkle enough for Santa!!

  2. Did you say “silver Sharpie”? I didn’t know they made silver. Gotta find me one of those!

    Love the glittery holly! Soooo pretty. You can never have too much glitter!

  3. LOVELY!!!! You know I love me some glitter. 😉 I love holly stuff. Nice tutorial. 🙂

    Hope you might swing by my Blessings Unlimited Giveaway today. I’m giving away a Happy Birthday to the King platter! 🙂

  4. Fantastic Paula, these are so festive! Glad you were inspired and using Mod Podge was a brilliant move! You are an amazing free hand artist at those holly leaves, well done!!!


  5. Cute! I love the tray with the berries and candles…so pretty and I bet they really are pretty when lit and at dark.

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