Sparkling Snowflake Christmas Ornament

I know the calendar just moved over to fall, but it’s never too early to start planning for Christmas, especially if you like to craft.

I am participating in an amazing event called the 31 Days of Handmade Christmas Ornaments.  31 Bloggers will share a handmade ornament each day of October.  That means a collection of 31 ideas by the end of the month that will all be right here to inspire you to make ornaments for your home.  Yesterday Amy from Atta Girl Says shared an adorable Vintage Bingo Card Ornament.

It’s been so much fun to see what has been created so far this month and I look forward to what is shared in the remaining days of October..

I can’t wait to show you my Sparkling Snowflake Christmas Ornament!

Sparkling Snowflake Christmas Ornament - Learn how to embellish a craft store snowflake for your tree or Christmas decor.


I am so happy to join an amazing group of ladies for the 31 Days of Handmade Ornaments.  I have been so inspired by the ornaments shared and I think that you will be as well.  You can find links to each ornament at the end of this post.

31 Handmade Christmas Ornaments


Let me show you how easy it is to make a Sparkling Snowflake Christmas Ornament.

How to Make a Sparkling Snowflake Christmas Ornament


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Snowflake Christmas Ornament ( I got mine at AC Moore for $1.  These which are similar are available at Michaels)

2 Sheets of Stick-on Pearls 4,5, & 6 mm  (Also from AC Moore but this set from Michaels looks about the same.)

FloraCraft Diamond Dust

Matte Mod Podge

Small Paint Brush

Tweezers (not shown)

Sheet of Parchment Paper or Waxed Paper

How to Make a Sparkling Snowflake Christmas Ornament


Buy and Paint a Snowflake

Purchase a wood snowflake ornament.  Mine was already painted white and distressed.  If you can’t find an ornament like this one from AC Moore, you can easily find an unpainted snowflake at your local craft store and give it a light coat of white craft paint

How to Make a Sparkling Snowflake Christmas Ornament


Embellish the Snowflake with Pearls

The pearls that I purchased are from the scrapbook section and have a sticky back.  I thought that the sticker would hold the pearl to the wood, but they didn’t stick so well, so I painted on a small area of Mod Podge and then added pearls to create a design in the center of the snowflake.

How to Make a Sparkling Snowflake Christmas Ornament


I then moved on to the arms of the snowflakes.  I found that tweezers were helpful to get the pearls in the exact position that I wanted them.

How to Make a Sparkling Snowflake Christmas Ornament


Add Diamond Dust to the Snowflake

Diamond Dust is made of glass ground and looks like sparkling snow.  I keep an old baking sheet in my craft closet for glitter projects.

Tip:  Work over a sheet of parchment paper so that the excess glitter can be easily poured back into the glitter container.

How to Make a Sparkling Snowflake Christmas Ornament


I used a small paintbrush to brush Mod Podge onto the ornament trying to avoid the pearls.

How to Make a Sparkling Snowflake Christmas Ornament


Use a spoon to pour glitter over the ornament.  A plastic spoon would be more practical but I didn’t have one.


Shake off the excess glitter from the ornament.  Pour the remaining glitter back into the container to be used for another project.

How to Make a Sparkling Snowflake Christmas Ornament


Let the ornament dry and then hang it on your tree to enjoy all through the Christmas season.

Sparkling Snowflake Christmas Ornament - Learn how to embellish a craft store snowflake for your tree or Christmas decor.


Are you wondering how I happened to be able to photograph my ornament on a lit Christmas tree this early in the season?  Simple!  I took these pictures at Lowe’s!  I first tried Home Depot but they had no trees out.  The guys at Lowe’s were working on the Christmas display there and kindly stopped assembling the trees that they were working on so that I could take these pictures.

Sparkling Snowflake Christmas Ornament - Learn how to embellish a craft store snowflake for your tree or Christmas decor.


Now that I’ve made one Sparkling Snowflake Ornament, I want to make more, perhaps even enough to embellish a wreath.

Sparkling Snowflake Christmas Ornament - Learn how to embellish a craft store snowflake for your tree or Christmas decor.

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Sparkling Snowflake Christmas Ornament - Learn how to embellish a craft store snowflake for your tree or Christmas decor.


This is my third year participating in the 31 Days of Handmade Christmas Ornaments.

In 2016 I shared how to make a Woodland Elf Christmas Ornament.

Woodland Elf Christmas Ornament - Get the tutorial to make this for your tree.


In 2015 I shared how to make a Button and Felt Snowman Ornament.

Button and Felt Snowman Ornament - Get the tutorial to make this for your tree.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow to see what my friend Kim from Exquisitely Unremarkable shares.

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31 Handmade Christmas Ornaments Blog Hop


  1. Paula, your ornament is BEAUTIFUL!! I have a soft spot for snowflake ornaments and used to have a tree that we called our snow and ice tree. You’ve inspired me to create more snowflakes… I hope they go well with the woodland ornaments? Heehee. I’m truly in love with yours.
    I’m so grateful to have you as an important part of our annual blog hop. {hugs}

  2. I love the sparkle, so pretty!

  3. I love the diamond dust, Paula…looks like real snow on that pretty ornament!
    Kim recently posted…Elegant Dollar Store Pumpkin MakeoverMy Profile

  4. Maryann @ Domestically Speaking says:

    So shimmery and beautiful – love it!

  5. Paula, I knew before I even visited your blog post, that you had created something beautiful for Christmas. I just love your snowflakes covered in Diamond Dust. Isn’t it amazing to work with?

  6. Paula, you are just the best. What a beautiful snowflake ornament! Love the way the sparkle is subtle but so pretty. And this brings up happy memories for me. When Jack and I were first married and had very little money, we decorated our tree with paper snowflakes! We sat down and cut out snowflakes from pieces of printer paper, just as if we were children. It was fun and free! Of course, those paper snowflakes didn’t survive, but these would! Thanks so much for the idea.

  7. Glitter makes everything better! so pretty!
    kim recently posted…DIY Herringbone Wood Floors and Fabric Wallpaper Dollhouse UpdatesMy Profile

  8. Paula ~~ This is the most beautiful snowflake I’ve ever seen. Love the combo of pearls and Diamond Dust. In fact, I’ve already found some Diamond Dust to add to my stash. Thank you so much for sharing. It’s totally awesome. Susie from The Chelsea
    Susie recently posted…How to Design Picture Frame Moulding for WallsMy Profile

  9. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh my love the snowflake and the other ornaments thank you and God bless

  10. Glitter makes everything magical… and I’m loving your sparkling snowflake ornaments Paula.
    Delighted to be pinning and sharing on FB today.

  11. I love a little sparkle!

  12. Beautiful snowflake ornament! I love the glitter!

  13. These are so pretty how they glisten in the tree lights. Pinned!

  14. Super cute, perfect for a classic tree!

  15. I love the pearls and the snow sprinkle on the snowflake! I can’t believe it’s time to start thinking holidays and Christmas trees already! Smart idea taking a picture at the store too:) Pinned!
    Wendi@H2OBungalow recently posted…How to Paint Wood Floors Beautifully to LastMy Profile

  16. These are so beautiful, Paula, and perfect for Christmas. I love the diamond dust – it reminds me of a fresh dusting of snow.

  17. These are so pretty! I know my daughter and I are going to have fun making them for our Christmas tree this year. 🙂

  18. Last Christmas, I picked snowflakes as my decoration theme and it was lovely! I made some similar glittery snowflakes for tree ornaments and they looked wonderful. I love making DIY decorations for the holidays, I think it’s all part of the fun.
    Greetings from the Blogger’s Pit Stop Linky!

  19. This will make such a pretty gift for friends/families trees. Is easy, inexpensive and really pretty for a tree or an accent on a wrapped gift.
    Have been thinking last few days is about time to decide what will make for gifts for holidays so had better get busy. Would be great to get made what I will be making ahead of time so I can relax and enjoy the season, what a concept huh?, lol.. Sure hope we get lots of snow next month to help me get into holiday mode.
    One Grand daughter will be home from college for whole month so want to spend time with her. After that she won’t be home for summer next year, will be working.
    Grand kids grow up so quickly also, want to enjoy time with both grand daughters while we can as younger one will be off to college next year also. When we moved here they were both still young children. Your snow flake is so gorgeous, love that diamond dust on them, makes them sparkle so. Can imagine how pretty they must be on tree with lights sparkling.
    Have wonderful week and happy creating.

  20. What a cute snowflake ornament! So pretty and it adds bling to the tree!
    Lindsay Eidahl recently posted…DIY Small Wreaths That Cost Under $2 To MakeMy Profile

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