Good Weekend

It is always so good to get out of town. We had a great weekend at the beach. We had terrific weather – blue skies, sunny, with temperatures around 70 degrees.

Saturday morning started with breakfast at Sam and Omie’s. If you visit the Outer Banks, try Sam and Omie’s. The atmosphere is great and so is the food.

Many, many of the businesses had signs out welcoming the runners to town.

The race expo was a zoo! I had high hopes of doing some shopping there, but it was so crowded that we ended up getting our numbers and getting out of there.

I loved the “booty bag” that was used for our numbers, timing chips, and other goodies. They had UPS trucks at the start of the race that carried your “booty bag” to the end of the race. It was nice to be able to pack a dry shirt to put on after the race.

We spent the rest of Saturday fixing things around the house and cleaning.

The race was on Sunday. It was cool at the start, but once the sun came up, it warmed up fast. There were 3,000 people running the 1/2 marathon. They started groups of runners in waves and it took about ten minutes after the official start of the race for us to cross the starting line. The first two miles of the race were extremely crowded. You had to really watch your step so that you didn’t run into someone. By about mile three, the crowd spread out a little. The course was great. We ran down the main road for a few miles, then went into a neighborhood along the sound, back out to the highway, into another neighborhood, across the bridge, and then into Manteo to finish. I felt great during the race and really enjoyed the scenery while I ran.

Post race we had some pizza and then went for a ride. I love to ride around and just look. We ended up in Wanchese and found a place that works on yachts. We rode around some more and just admired the beautiful salt marsh and the scenery.

We stopped at my favorite store on the Outer Banks, The French Door. I can always find something there that I have to buy. Lucky me, they had all of the fall decor on sale for 50% off. Look at the great things that I found!

We had dinner on Sunday at the Flying Fish Cafe. We started with calamarie and then both had fried oysters as our entree. The oysters bursted with flavor in your mouth. They were so good! If you think you might like to try this restaurant, you can get a coupon for a discount on your second entree by going to their website.

Staying until Monday was a great plan. On the way home, went to a Bass Pro Shop and then on to Williamsburg to the outlets. I was very efficient and did all of my shopping in two hours. I could have stayed a lot longer, but we needed to get home.

It was a good weekend!


  1. Paula, your wknds sounds really great. What a wonderful course to run. Thanks for sharing all those great pics! I miss the Outer Banks!!

  2. Hi Paula,
    My name is Ruth Lee McLain and I saw your blog entry about your S wreath on A Soft Place to Land blog. It is so neat and I would love to make one. Did you use real boxwood or fake? I’m guessing you just hot glued everything on? Any advice on how to make it would be great!!

    Ruth Lee McLain

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