Signs of a Change of Season

Along one of my trail runs grows a patch of Bittersweet. I watch this all fall and look forward to harvesting some to take home. The problem is that the Bittersweet grows deep in the woods and it requires me running about a mile and a half carrying it. I feel a little silly running through my neighborhood carrying a bunch of Bittersweet, but I’ll do anything for a decorating opportunity! I harvested just enough last week to sprinkle along my mantle.

The wreath is decorated with faux Bittersweet. Some of the gourds in that basket date back to 1991. I remember decorating outside of my apartment with them. I dried them and they are still good!

I noticed tonight that my Christmas Cactii are budding. I have three of them and they each bloom at a slightly different time.

I keep these on a porch that has plexiglass panels over the screens. It makes a great growing environment except for when VA has very cold temperatures. This one was the victim of freezing weather and it lost its foliage and was bald until summer. Luckily it put out new growth and I’m quite surprised to see that it is actually going to bloom.

The one on the right will come into bloom second. The one to the left of that usually blooms when the first two have finished.

It is a sure sign that we are well into fall and that it is almost winter when the Christmas Cactii bloom.


  1. I love this post. I’m always wondering if bittersweet grows in the woods behind us but have never seen it. I’m like you..I’d run with or do anything for a good find! ha! Your wreath and mantle look great.

    We have a Christmas cactus that was a start from my dh’s grandmother’s plant. It is getting so big but no buds yet. Maybe I should turn it into several plants.

  2. I love this post! I’m like you, I would do most anything for a good decorating find! ha! Your wreath and mantle really look nice. We have a Christmas cactus from my dh’s grandmother’s plant. She has been gone many, many years, so it’s a very beautiful reminder of her.

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