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My mom is in the process of restoring an old family home. Her plan is to move into this house once she has the bulk of the work complete. She’s had the windows replaced, electrical work done, and has done some of the work herself including fixing and painting the shutters. Mama lives on our family farm and is tired of being all by herself way out in the country. The home that she is restoring is in a cute small town about 20 minutes from where she lives now. A relative built the home around the turn of the century. I’m going to visit her for a few days and do whatever I can to help her out. I know that one thing we will work on is stripping wallpaper. I hope to take bunches of pictures of the inside so that I can share before and after pictures with you.

The house is on a corner in the “tree street” area of the small town. Being on a corner gives her a more open back yard. She has enough old iron fencing to go along the front, side, and back of the property. We think that this will look nice and it will keep dogs from pooing in her yard. (Don’t get me started on that!!!!) The shutters that I told you that she scraped and painted had been stored in a barn on my grandmother’s farm. Thank goodness that people of her generation did not throw anything away. The house looks so much better with shutters. She has big landscaping plans for both the front and back yards.

Can’t you see yourself sitting on one of these porches drinking coffee or a glass of iced tea?

The inside of this house needs a ton of work. The kitchen is usable, but really needs to be gutted. The floors need refinishing and the entire inside needs to be painted. The main bath does not have a shower, just a claw footed tub. Everything works, it just needs to be updated. The upstairs has four bedrooms. Her plan is to turn one of the bedrooms into a dressing area and closet. Speaking of closets, there are very few of them and they are not deep at all. The main floor has a small kitchen, dining room, parlor, and family room. The parlor has gorgeous old sliding doors. The basement was an apartment at one time and has a full bath and laundry area. Don’t imagine anything grand. My mom had a new toilet put in and made sure that the plumber fixed the sink and shower. This bathroom needs some serious work.

Take a look! I told you she has her work cut out for her!

This bathroom was definitely added when someone decided to use the house as apartments. It is tiny and has the weirdest shape. We’ll need to put a glass block wall in the opening that you see to the left of the sink. If she doesn’t do glass block, I guess she could put some sheet rock there. Knowing Mama, she probably has a plan!

I intent to take a lot of pictures of the interior to share. Having a big project like this is a challenge, but it has been my mom’s dream forever and ever to fix up an old house. I know that she’ll make this house a home that she’ll enjoy for years and years.

Stay tuned for more!


  1. Paula,

    I applaud you mom for taking on a project like this. It sounds challenging but she must be up for it! The outside is gorgeous~it’s a very handsome house and I love the front porch as well as the ones on the back.

    Now that we have a before picture out of the way, I can’t wait to see afters!!


  2. Wow, hurray for your mama for taking that on. But I can’t blame her; that house is amazing!!!!

  3. What a beautiful home this is going to be. I love projects like this. I know it is going to be a lot of work but I also know the result will be spectacular. Good luck and have fun with your Mom!

  4. How cool! DOTR and I have always thought we’d redo an historic house when the kids are gone. It seems like either young couples or active retirees are the only ones with the time/energy/money to make it happen (and a lot of time I think the young couples just have the energy and no money!)

    Very exciting project and your mother will really have something to treasure when it’s all done. Have a good week working!

  5. Paula, this house just makes me weak in the knees. I LOVE IT! I am so pleased I have actually met your mother and will love hearing updates on the progression of this wonderful old, family home.
    Oh yes, I do see what you mean about the amount of work ahead, but oh my, it will be so worth it when y’all can sit on that comfy front porch, knowing the inside is as beautiful as the out. Looking forward to more pics and updates!


  6. First off amazing project. I love it and can’t wait to see the end result.

    Second, you won the giveaway! Please email me with your information!

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