August on Walnut Avenue

Yes, there are really walnut trees on Walnut Avenue.  I snapped this photo in late July.  It will be harvest time for walnuts before you know it.
Mr. SP and I spent the day helping Mama on Saturday.  He installed closet rods in three closets that my mom had constructed earlier this year and worked on a repair in the bathroom. 
Mama and I spent the day cleaning.  After the floors were sanded the first time she didn’t think that they were smooth enough, so she started over and did them all again.  Sanding floors makes a terrible mess. Sawdust sticks to every possible surface.  We were able to clean one bedroom top to bottom, most of the hall, and we finished a second bedroom minus the floor.  I had no idea that cleaning would take so long.
Mama has removed every piece of shoe molding in the house, stripped it, and then put it back into place.  Look how nice her floors look.  She’ll soon be ready to stain and seal them. 
The family room paint job is nearly complete.  A few spots still need repair and then a paint touch-up.
After a day of hard work, we went to a favorite local ice cream place for a treat.  The ice cream is made daily and is really good!
Mama is taking care of her friend’s bird while she is in Florida.  “Pepe” was quite active on Saturday and made all kinds of noises.  I liked talking to her but I feel really sorry for an animal that has to spend its life in a cage.  “Pepe” doesn’t say any words but she definitely responds when spoken to.
Mama is getting closer and closer to being able to move out of her basement and into the upstairs.  The first night that she gets to sleep in a bed again instead of on a sofa is probably going to be the best sleep of her life!


  1. What in the world will she do with all that time & energy once she is finished? 🙂 I remain in awe of the work she has done.

  2. Your mom is awesome! I am just amazed at the incredible patience she has to really stick with such a big job! And all the details! Amazing! I had to pull my husband over this morning and make him look at all the pictures of the house. He agrees that it is awesome!

  3. Those floors are going to be straight up perfection when she’s done with them. I bet it seems like a pain at first, but stripping all that shoe molding will make a difference. Ditto Amanda from above—loved Kline’s at JMU. 🙂

  4. Hi Paula! The floors look lovely! I remember sanding floors in my old house and we had sawdust in the drawers in the other rooms! I can’t believe the work the two of you are doing! I hope you are having a great week!…hugs…Debbie

  5. What a great ongoing story this house is proving to be! The fact that it’s on a street called “Walnut Avenue” is the icing on the cake. 🙂

  6. Your mother is really a hard worker. The floors look lovely and I adore the living room. What a great job all of you are doing!

    Love the little yellow cockatiel…I had one years ago.


  7. Paula, your mom is an incredible woman! I am so impressed with all she can do, truly amazing!

    Happy I found your blog!


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