Little Things

Little things can really brighten my day. Yesterday I put together a quick table arrangement and it has already given me such pleasure. Every time I walk by it, I smile. It’s nice to have something pretty to admire. I haven’t had time to do anything creative or do any decorating or even cooking. It’s funny how doing one simple, little thing can brighten your day. I got the ideas for this from The Pleasures of Homemaking. I saw her pretty picture the other morning before school and it inspired me!

We are playing in our club championship tennis tournament this weekend. My partner and I are already in last place. The format for the ladies is to play 12 games. The winner of the tournament will be the doubles team with the most winning games. We lost the first match 9-3 and the second 11-1. In our defense, this is our first tournament, we are 3.0’s, and all of the other ladies are 3.5’s. This morning we play two ladies who were moved down this winter from 4.0’s to 3.5’s. One of the ladies is the daughter of our former pro and she used to be the pro at another club in town. I doubt if we’ll win any games against them. I just hope they are nice to us. Our next match this morning won’t be any easier. Oh well, we were the only 3.0’s in the club who were brave enough to sign up! Sunday is mixed doubles and that should be a lot of fun. The weather should clear up by then, too.

Hope all of the NC ladies are safe in this storm!


  1. The hydrengeas are very pretty on the table. I agree, it’s so nice to appreciate those little things….that just make you “smile”.

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