Another Simple Pleasure

I am a magazine junky and I’ll admit that I receive way too many of them. In my defense, I read them cover to cover and either save them to read again next year or pass them on to be enjoyed by someone else. I could count on one hand the number of times that I’ve bought a magazine off the rack and paid full price. When you subscribe, they really aren’t expensive and provide a lot of entertainment for the cost.

Does your area have free local magazines? I love these! They are full of ads, but I don’t mind the ads because even they can be entertaining. I’ve found out about businesses that I didn’t know existed in my area. Here are two of my favorites that I found yesterday:

Speaking of yesterday, tennis ended up being fun. We had to play indoors yesterday because of Hannah coming through the area. My partner and I lost 2-10 both matches. I was happy to win four games! Here’s the freebie from the tournament:

A new cooking store opened in our area and I checked it out yesterday. I really enjoyed looking around and I’m hoping to take a class or two there. They have a beautiful, brand new teaching kitchen that is gigantic. I bought a peanut butter and jelly spreader. I’ll either keep it or give it away as a gift. Pretty nifty, huh??

The store is called Culina.


  1. your competition must have been Serious! because I know you play so much you’ve got to be good…

    …and those magazines look interesting…we do have a free magazine here and I love picking it up…how could anyone not love a free magazines (says the woman who just bought a ton of them off of ebay)

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