Mama’s Walnut Avenue Decorations

When I visited Mama for the Waynesboro Christmas House Tour, I took some pictures of her decorations to share.  Mama spends most of her time in her family room.  The photos above the pie safe are of her home under construction and in the center is the building permit. 

My grandmother decorated with this candle every single year and now so does Mama.WAChristmas5

The family room mantle looks pretty with Santa items, greenery, and wooden trees that my dad crafted long ago.

The parlor’s mantle looks elegant in silver and white.

Mama has a small tree in each of her front windows.

This is part of my grandmother’s Madonna collection.  She used them in church arrangements and in arrangements for her home.

I’ll next visit Walnut Avenue for Christmas.  I’m sure Mama will have added more decorations by then.  I can’t wait to visit her and to have our traditional Christmas food:  fried oysters!


  1. Very pretty! I love the carved decorations your father made…he was quite talented. I like the idea of two trees in front of the windows. Your Mother truly knows how to decorate!


  2. I love that stitched “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” piece!! Your mom has some really neat decorations. 🙂

  3. Paula, I’ve just been looking through all your Christmas decorating posts, and I don’t know where to start! I was about to say that my favorite things were the Santa boots at both your house and your mom’s, but then I thought “No, I like the punch sets the best!”

    I LOVE the way you actually USE antique pieces as part of your decor and for practical purposes around your house. Like the dishes in your kitchen or the frogs holding the antique postcards. You are so smart and everything looks just right–so welcoming, so pretty, so much like HOME should be!!

  4. Your mom’s mantel decorations are very elegant, but I think my favorites are the wooden items that your dad made. How special that she has kept them all this time. BTW, I brought down the Christmas books for Cate yesterday and found the same Santa book that you have.

  5. Paula, please tell your mama how much I love her Christmas decorations, especially the hanging over the mantle with the Santa.

  6. I love the “Twas a night before Christmas” over the mantle. I’m sure there is a story about that one right? Did your mama stich that herself. I just love it!

  7. Oh my! That pie safe is FABOULOUS! I love that she framed the progress and the building permit. So sweet! And the stitched Night Before Christmas? OH MY GRACIOUS! I LOVE IT!

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