More Historical Houses

When I toured historical houses a few weeks ago, I snapped a few pictures of some additional houses in the tour area.  I love that my town has such interesting architecture.

This house is for sale.  I was in it long ago on a historical house tour but I can’t remember much about it.  It has a lovely sunroom with large glass windows on the left side of the house.


Isn’t this an interesting house?  On a ghost tour one fall, we were told that the owners smell mysterious cigar smoke from time to time in this home.


It’s too bad that these homes are a tad bit too close to the ‘hood for my taste.  Isn’t this one fabulous??


I love this one, too.


Wouldn’t this beauty be pretty if it were way out in the country surrounded by farm fields?


The roof line on this house is interesting.



This one looks like it should be haunted.


    IMG_5035 I never get tired of looking at old houses. 

It’s finally Friday!!!  Enjoy!!


  1. Paula, your town has such a rich history in these beautiful homes. That third one reminds me of the B&B in Waynesboro. Looks like it sits up on a hill. I loved them all but I think that one was my favorite from the outside at least.

  2. My daughter is putting an offer in today to buy a historic home. Built in 1870. I just love historic homes…so much character!

  3. I’m with you- I just can’t get enough of looking at them! I drive down the streets right off Main St in our little town just to look at the old houses. There’s one very interesting grey one that nobody has restored that I sigh over… Thanks for showing off your town’s treasures!

  4. Wow, just beautiful. I love old homes. That ‘haunted’ one is my favorite 🙂 Our home back in MI was 80 yrs old and I looove it…loved how the floors creaked. I miss it!

  5. In LOVE with those gorgeous brick homes!!! My stuff would be so out of place inside though. 😉

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