Historic House Tour

A few Sundays ago I went on a historic house tour with my mom, my aunt, and my cousin.  It was a beautiful fall day and perfect for walking house to house.  The tour benefits our local historical society and is an annual fall event.


The first house that we toured was my favorite.  This Georgian home was built by the owner’s grandparents in 1927.  My favorite  thing in this house was the original wallpaper in the dining room that featured vegetation from Asia, Africa, Europe, and Asia. It was in amazing condition!

Pictures were not supposed to be allowed in the homes, but every now and then I’d ask permission to take a picture of a certain item and it was always granted.  I’ll share the few interior pictures that I have.

Neat arrangement in the sunroom:


Here’s the back of the house.  Wouldn’t you love to sit on that patio with a drink?




The next house was a Spanish Revival home built in 1928.


I wish that I had a picture of the kitchen in this house.  I could live there!  It had the cutest sitting area with a tv and built in bookshelves.  I could cuddle up there and be so content.  It was a little hot in there on the day of the tour because the stove is an Aga.  Look at that baby!


Cute light fixture over the kitchen table:

I would love to have built-in bookshelves like these.


The homeowner collects nests.


The steps were pretty steep to get to the backyard.


The addition that you see here is a fabulous master suite.


The little boy statue was made for the homeowner and depicts their son.  They had a hose hooked to it and you can see what it looks like he is doing!!


On to the next home!  This Cape Cod home was built in 1949.


This home was built on the site of the stables for this home.



The next home, a Federal Revival style, was built in 1924.  The owner and her daughter (one of my tennis rivals!) are well known local artists.  The home is full of family antiques and their beautiful artwork. 




Check out this darling play house!



The last house on the tour was a Tudor built in 1925. 


All of these houses are within a 1/2 mile of where I live.  Now you can see why I never get tired of running.  Who wouldn’t want to run when you have this kind of eye candy to admire?

I took pictures of other houses in this neighborhood to share.  I love the mixed architecture – so much better than a neighborhood full of brick box McMansions!

I call this house “The David Winters” house:













I hope you enjoyed the tour of one small area in my beautiful town!


  1. Oh, Paula, what a fun tour!!! I would love walking in your area and admiring all the different styles of homes, too! How fun is that? Can’t wait to see your mamma’s house and what lovely things she has done.


  2. Gorgeous neighborhood! You know I love historic home tours and I absolutely love those federal homes. If I didn’t live in Georgia, I’m pretty sure somewhere in the mid Atlantic would be my choice (in fact, J1 was bummed that she’d already moved to Houston for her new job because they had an unexpected opening in Richmond and she said she would’ve jumped on it in a minute!) Our tour is always the first weekend of December and I’ve already been assigned a house to chair….’tis the season!

    Thanks for sharing! Love to see it in person sometime.

  3. I love home tours and this was one of the best! I started to think of which were my favorites homes and there were just too many!! I love those big kitchens and libraries and I think the owners had the right idea in having sitting areas in unexpected places. I would love to design my own home with elements such as these. Love this post, Paula.

    After your news about the lake property, you mentioned you had another piece of good news you would be sharing and I am wondering if I missed it…

    Have a wonderful weekend!!


  4. What a fun fun fun tour!!! So funny, as I saw the little play house I thought, “Oh, I hope she got a picture of the inside.” Thanks for obliging me. 🙂 🙂 Loved it!!!

  5. What a spectacular tour. It is just so beautiful in every way Paula!

    I just love the gazebo and the sweet nests. How precious!

    ~Happy Fall! ~Melissa 🙂

  6. Those homes are just breath taking! Its my dream to live in a neighborhood like that. You are right, I would love to run if my everyday path took me past those houses!

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