An Enjoyable Charleston Getaway


Charleston SC Getaway by virginiasweetpea.comSince we were in Atlanta for the Haven Conference, Mr. SP and I decided to take a side trip to Charleston before heading home.  We visited Charleston a number of years ago with two good friends and have been itching to go back.  A Charleston getaway is perfect for anyone who loves history and especially for those who love old homes.

We stayed at 1837 Bed and Breakfast which is very close to The College of Charleston.  This is where we stayed on our first Charleston getaway with our friends.  It’s a great spot that’s easily walkable to everything that we wanted to do and it’s budget friendly.

1837 Bed and Breakfast Charleston SC


We started our Charleston getaway with a walk to the harbor.  It was hot, hot and if I’d had on different clothes, I might have played in this fountain myself.  The kids in it were having a ball.

Fountain in Charleston SC


The beautiful emerald green of the salt marshes is one thing that I remember from our previous trip.

Salt Marsh in Charleston SC


If I lived in this area, I think I would spend a lot of time here.  There are even swings where one can sit to relax and look at the water.

Waterfront in Charleston SC


A friend (don’t miss the house where he grew up later in this post) recommended that we dine at Slightly North of Broad.  We both had shrimp and grits and agreed that it was very good.

Slightly North of Broad in Charleston SC


We spent the evening walking and admiring Charleston’s beautiful houses and churches.

Church in Charleston SC


We only had one full day in Charleston and started by shopping  the market and then walking to catch a boat to tour Fort Sumter.

Fort Sumpter - Waiting for the Boat


The boat ride was most enjoyable because it was cool and scenic.

Bridge in Charleston, SC

Fort Sumpter in Charleston SC


Mr. SP really enjoys military history and I’m pretty sure he visited Fort Sumter long before he met me.  I enjoyed being there but it was so hot that all I could think about was getting back on the boat to cool off!

Fort Sumpter


A park ranger gave a Fort Sumter history talk.

Fort Sumpter Cannon


By the time we looked around the fort and toured the museum, it was time to get back on the boat.  Yay!  Coolness…It was so hot!

Fort Sumpter interior


After touring Fort Sumter, we returned to our room to cool off.  Later in the evening we had dinner and then walked to admire Charleston’s fabulous houses and architecture.

Homes in Charleston SC


I could spend days walking and admiring.  I wonder if the porches on the houses can be enjoyed year round?

Beautiful Home in Charleston SC House in Charleston SC

Charleston SC Home

 Home in Charleston SCCharleston SC Brick HomeCharleston SC Architecture        Door in Charleston SC


We noticed that some houses still have a hitching post in front.  We saw a few mounting blocks, too.Hitching Post in Charleston SC


The window baskets were another thing that I admired in Charleston.

Lush Window Basket in Charleston SC


There’s a great trick here that I need to remember.  Do you see it?  To fill in an empty spot in the planting, a Magnolia cutting has been inserted.

Hanging Basket in Charleston SC


An enjoyable Charleston day ended with a pretty sunset.

Charleston Sunset


Our friend grew up in this house.  He told Mr. SP that his father added the wall in front because during high tide the water would sometimes wash into the yard.  Our friend has a scar on his chin from falling off a cannon in the Battery while playing as a child.  I need to bend his ear for more Charleston stories.

Bob Baker's House in SC


This was our last water view of the night before meandering our way back to our room.

Charleston Sunset on the Water


We so much enjoyed our brief Charleston getaway and hope to go back soon!


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  1. So glad ya’ll enjoyed your visit, even though it was hot. It is so hot there in the summer. I can get cold there in the winter. (Not Lynchburg cold though) They even had snow this winter. That’s pretty rare I think.

  2. I love Charleston. I’ve lived there a couple of times and the history and homes are just amazing. I have a painting of Rainbow Row in my bedroom. The market is a great place to visit too. My kids were amazed when I told them what it used to be during a home schooling field trip. Glad you got to enjoy your getaway. You’re right though, it is hot in the summer. Winter is wonderful though.

  3. I love Charleston too! I am so glad that I live an hour from there so we go quite often. One of my favorite restaurants in Charleston for shrimp and grits is Husk which I really love! Fort Sumter is on my list again before we leave the Low Country. Glad you enjoyed Charleston!

    1. Lucky you, Kelly! My friend’s son is going to college there this fall and I’m hoping to tag along for a few visits.


  4. My husband and I visited Charleston a few years ago and would go back any time we had a chance. My daughter and SIL just got back from a long weekend several weeks ago. They like it so much that they’ve talked about moving there. I’m glad you had such a good time.

  5. My son’s favorite place to visit and to eat!! He would probably live there to if he could. I hear nothing but good things about Charleston, SC. I’m glad you got to go there 🙂 xoxo -Bev

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