My Week at the CSI Project

This week I was honored to be the judge for “Red Inspired” challenge at The CSI Project.  Picking the winners wasn’t easy.  Check out the winners here.

If you aren’t familiar with The CSI Project, each week there is a themed challenge where an overall winner is selected along with ten other top projects.

Last summer I guest posted at The CSI Project where my beach themed mantel was featured.

I did another guest post in the fall that featured my school pride pillowcase skirt.
VT Skirt23_thumb[1]

Dee, the owner of The CSI Project, recently asked me to be a CSI Agent.  This is a fun challenge where Dee assigns the agent a blogging mission.  My mission was to investigate mason jars and then to create something to share with them.

Click here to get some mason jar ideas and to see more about my mason jar creation.  All of the jars I used belonged to my grandmother.  The one below has a special design on the back commemorating the 1976 bicentennial.

Many thanks to Dee for letting me be a part of The CSI Project!


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