Metal Stamped Spoon Plant Markers

The other day I had a few minutes to kill so I stopped in the Goodwill near my school.  I found several books and then wondered to the housewares section to see if any treasures might be waiting for my discovery.  No treasures were found, but I did buy a few pieces of silverware to use for stamped plant markers.  At $.25 each, I knew that even if my plan didn’t work, I wouldn’t waste much money.

Supplies include:  silverware, metal stamp kit, hammer, Sharpie, and baby wipes.
Plant Markers1

I invaded Mr. SP’s workshop to use his anvil as a pounding surface to hammer each utensil as flat as I could get it.
Plant Marker2Plant Marker3Plant Marker4Plant Marker5

Next I used my stamp kit to add the names of herbs that I like to grow.  I discovered that stainless steel is extremely hard and very difficult to stamp.  Silver plate would probably be a much easier to work with choice. 
Plant Marker 6

After stamping on the letters, I went over them with a Sharpie and then wiped away the excess with a wipe. (Since I accidentally stamped two O’s, I was careful to only fill in one O with the Sharpie to hide the extra O.)
Plant Marker 7

Rosemary is the only herb that I have that isn’t dead or dormant, so it gets the honor of sporting a new marker.
Plant Marker 8
Plant Marker9
This coming weekend I will have many thrifting opportunities and hope to find some silver plate flatware to use for more markers.  Stainless is too hard and I found it very difficult to get a look that was neat enough to use.

It won’t be long until it will be herb planting time.  What’s your favorite herb?  I like Basil for eating and Rosemary for smelling.


  1. What a cute craft idea! 😀 I love it! I need those to keep track of the houseplants around here…I am bad to forget what they are!


  2. I love this idea! They would make a great housewarming gift!

    I love basil and cilantro. I’ve grown basil before, it’s not too hard but have never tried growing cilantro.

  3. What a great idea! I’m sure you also could get out a little frustration with this project. Basil is my very favorite herb. I miss it terribly in the winter months. Carla

  4. That is a great idea for reusing old flatware … I don’t like using it after it’s aged a while – I think it tastes funny. Maybe I’m wierd.
    Thyme is my most favorite herb. I always think of that Simon & Garfunkel song when I go to the garden to snip some. I live in Texas and we’re having a very mild winter … I’ve planted parsley and cilantro early and my oregano is still lush from last season. I love rosemary, too … crushed up with some spearmint it smells so good! Herbs are wonderful!

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