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National Ice Cream Day!

Mr. SP just informed me that today is National Ice Cream Day.  In celebration, we hope to spot the ice cream boat on the lake today.

Maybe the boat will even pull up to our dock like it did a few weeks ago.

What could be better than ice cream on a hot summer day?

Especially if you share the ice cream with a friend that you don’t see very often.

Our freezer was never without ice cream when I was growing up.  When I was a teenager, my dad kept our freezer stocked with all sorts of Schwann’s ice cream.  In the summer one of their special flavors was raspberry.  At Christmas it was peppermint stick.  Favorite ice cream on a stick flavors were silver mint bars and golden nugget bars.  Talk about good!

Mr. SP’s favorite ice cream is peanut butter cup.  He adds additional peanut butter to it.  Yum!  I like vanilla with swirled caramel or butter pecan but I am more of a jellybean fan than an ice cream fan, so I don’t have it very often.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

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  1. Oh I just like it all. How fabulous to have an ice cream boat that is on the lake and your dock is unreal. wow. Hugs, Marty

  2. An ice cream truck on the lake? That’s amazing! How fun for everyone! My fav is coffee or mint chip.

  3. Give me a Nutty Buddy from the ice cream boat. If I’m at DQ, it’s a Heath Bar Blizzard. In general, I like any ice cream with a nut in it although I’m not a fan of gooey options that have fudge and marshmallow swirled in. I’m rather easy to please when it comes to ice cream.

  4. I’ve always loved ice cream, and especially now after we’ve moved to hot weather. Favorite would have to be cookies and cream :).

    That looks like the perfect summer afternoon!

  5. An ice cream boat on the lake! What a fantastic idea. I don’t believe we have an ice cream boat on our lake (Lake Lanier). But, I’m bettin’ if we did, they would do an awesome business. Hmmmm… 😉

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