New Home for Our Television

Our television really didn’t need a new home.  It was quite happy residing on this cabinet handcrafted by Mr. SP.  After2cropped

But… Mr. SP saw something at Clear Lake Furniture in Vermont in December of 2009 that he couldn’t get out of his mind, a hand crafted TV credenza.  The owner of the company took us on a tour of the facility and we were able to watch the craftsmen at work.  Both of us were impressed with the quality and high level of craftsmanship.   A year and went by before our next Vermont visit in December 2010.  We went back to Clear Lake and the owner remembered us.  (Could it be because of our long first visit??) 

Mr. SP saw the Serenity Credenza and it was love at first sight.  After returning home to Virginia and doing a bit of measuring an order was placed.  Six months later, two friendly Vermonters delivered our piece.

The cabinet door are carved to look like tree rings.  Isn’t this unique?


Soon enough the DVR will be hidden away inside the cabinet.  I didn’t take a picture of the inside, but it has three drawers on the left side and the right side holds stereo equipment, etc.

Most of the furniture in our house is antique.  It’s nice to mix a modern piece in for some variety.

Are you wondering what we did with the old TV cabinet?  For now it is in Mr. SP’s workshop.  We’ll hang on to it in case we ever have a TV in another place that needs a home.


  1. That is a beautiful piece Paula, I love the tree ring effect and what customer service to bring the piece down to you from Vermont.

  2. Handsome piece of furniture, and no one around will have a piece quite like yours. When you look at it, you will have such wonderful memories of your times in Vermont.

  3. I can see why you fell in love with this beautiful piece of furniture! The craftmanship is incredible.

  4. GORGEOUS! You and Mr. SP have GREAT taste !!

    It does look like the rings of a tree AND a fingerprint … cool!

  5. It is very beautiful and very unique! The one hand-crafted by Mr SP is also lovely. I would be hard-pressed to choose between the two.

  6. How cool is that?! Love the carving! I think it’s neat that you’ve mixed some modern in with the traditional. šŸ™‚

  7. What a beautiful piece! I love the tree ring effect! Happy week!…hugs….Debbie

  8. I love your new credenza- the ring grains are really beautiful and unique! When a new piece of furniture has so much character, it blends wonderfully with antiques.

    BTW, I love the wall color and design- I can’t tell from my monitor whether it’s wall paper or stencil, but it’s really lovely!

  9. It’s really a beautiful piece! The rings on the front – well that’s just amazing craftsmanship!

  10. WOW! That’s REALLY a great piece Paula. It’s totally unique. Love the rings. So pretty. Great choice.

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