New J. Crew Clearance Store

I read in the paper last night that J. Crew is opening a second clearance store in Lynchburg. I wanted to post this because I have a few readers who drive here especially to visit our local store. Lynchburg is home to J. Crew’s distribution center and the store sells seconds (I think) and things that people have returned (I think). The clearance store does not advertise and is hard to find if you don’t know where to look. The new store is supposed to look like a retail store and will open in August in Wyndhurst.

I personally have not found a lot in our local store, but I am always extremely jealous when I see what my friends find. It’s the type of store where you have to go often to see what’s available. The few things that I’ve found were good bargains and I’ve enjoyed them.


  1. how fun to “have” to stop in there regularly to find the bargains!! 😉


  2. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    Ooo–clearance and J. Crew? A match made in heaven!

  3. Domestic Designer says:

    I am very jealous. I love J. Crew! Wish I lived close by.

  4. that is so exciting. do you have a date in august? I will be back in lynchburg then and would love to stop by.

  5. Yankee Doodle says:

    Boy Paula my Kim would be over the moon to be able to live near a distribution center. She loves J. Crew.

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