New Look and the Latest on Walnut Avenue

Do you like my new look?  I am so happy with my blog makeover.  All of the credit goes to Bailey of b’s {blog} boutique.  If you are thinking about a blog makeover, I would highly recommend Bailey.  She is very creative and she works quickly.  Thanks to Bailey for a great job!

Now on to Walnut Avenue…

I made curtains for Mama’s basement family room on Tuesday.  Do you remember the sneak peak from Amanda’s party post?  Whenever I make something for someone else, I’m a little worried that they’ll truly like what a created.  I’m positive that my mom was thrilled with these curtains!

The hardest part of this project was installing the rod.  The wall is concrete and the old wood on the window molding is hard as a rock.  The screws that came with the rods were designed for drywall, so to quote Tim Gunn, I had to “Make it work.”  After a lot of sweating and maybe a bad word or two, the curtains were up.  What a difference!
It’s hard to tell in the picture, but the trim on the curtains is the same as the fabric on the chair.  The wall color came from the fabric.
Let me share with you what my mom did all day on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  She decided that her freshly sanded floors weren’t quite smooth enough so she got on her hands and knees with her sander and went to town.  She finished the upstairs and the floor is now very smooth.  She’s going to work on the main floor today and hopes to finish by the end of the weekend. 
I had a very special treat yesterday, I met Joan from Applejack Lane!  Joan owns and operates a Hallmark store a hop, skip, and jump from Walnut Avenue.  If you haven’t visited Joan’s blog, go!  I’m hoping that my mom can meet Joan soon because they have many similar interests.
It’s Friday!  Any big plans?  We are attending a luau this weekend where they are roasting a pig.  Yum!  I’m also hoping the work more on our landscaping.  Getting things just right after our driveway project has been a slow process, but we are getting there.


  1. Paula, your blog looks great!! I’ve been considering a redesign, but I’m so NOT a techie. I can’t say enough about your Mom and Walnut Street- just fabulous!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Love your new blog look Paula.

    And, as always, I’m in awe of the work and progress at Walnut Ave. The curtains look great.

    Looking at the pictures of your Mom’s house and seeing her TV I had to tell you my latest TV “adventure”. I was supposed to have UVerse installed on Monday…. what a nightmare!!! After tearing up my house and removing my Comcast service, they told me I could not get UVerse service. Yes, that’s right. I still have furniture sitting in the middle of my office that they moved and left sitting there. Anyway, to get to my point. I’m sick of dealing with the TV provider shysters. So I decided I was taking a TV break. I bought a $35 interior antenna at Best Buy and it works GREAT!! I’m serious. The picture is fabulous. Maybe your Mom could get something like that attached to her TV so that she could get some local channels.

  3. Eek! Paula, it’s gorgoues!!! You know I’m a huge fan of pink though. 😉 I love the curtains you came up with. They are really pretty!

  4. The blog looks great!
    Seeing those curtains gave me an idea for some panels I am doing for my bedroom! Yours look good!

  5. Love the new blog look Paula! The curtains are wonderful! I love them! I cannot believe your mom. She sounds like a real go-getter! Great progress!

    Have fun at your luau.

  6. Love your new design! I need to get a facelift on mine also. Soon it will be though so I must check your person out.

    Love seeing all the changes your Mom has made on Walnut Ave. Love those curtains and bless her soul for getting down on the floor and sanding it…She will be so proud when she is all finish.

    Have a great weekend!

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