The Power of Spray Paint

Have you found that spray paint equals instant gratification?  We bought green, plastic outdoor furniture to use for a party back in 1993.  We used it on our deck until 2005 when we had a new deck rebuilt.  The chairs have been in our basement collecting dust ever since because Mr. SP made Adirondack chairs for the new deck.  This spring Amanda posted a link where someone spray painted their outdoor furniture.  I’ve had the idea in the back of my mind ever since.

Back in 1993, forest green was the rage.  The sun took its toll on these chairs over the years.  They are dull, even after I cleaned them.

Look at the difference a little spray paint makes!
It took two cans to do two chairs and one table.  I have one chair and one table to go and I hope to buy more paint this weekend.  I used paint designed especially for plastic.  Be sure to get that type or you may have a problem with the paint peeling.
Quick and easy projects make me happy!


  1. Thanks for the tip. I have some of these in my basement as well. I just might have to paint them some fun color.

    I’m loving the metal chairs Lowe’s has had this year. Haven’t bought any but I’ve sure wanted to.

  2. Love the brown color. I have some of these and since they stack so nicely, they are wonderful to use when you have a larger crowd. Your chairs turned out fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  3. I love the brown!! I have a few of these that I want to paint too. Now you have me leaning towards brown 🙂

  4. They look great – like new! I’ve used that Krylon spray paint on chairs before and they held up really well.


  5. They look great! What color did you use? It appears to be a chocolate brown on my monitor. It looks fantastic. I did the same with some plastic worn chairs like this that I had at our lakehouse. I spray painted them with the fusion paint for plastic. They looked like new when I finished…just as yours do!

  6. Too cute! I can just see some bright colorful cushions in those. I ran across somebody the other day that had made pillows out of those plastic placemats; the kind that are double stitched; she opened one side up and stuffed with polyfill and top stitched them back together. I can’t remember who showed this, but I thought I would share it with you.

  7. OK…now you’ve got me eyeing all of the plastic stuff in the house! lol They look great, Paula! I hope you are having a great weekend!…hugs…Debbie

  8. I’ve been out of blog commission since Thursday-dang computer! My son has it up temporarily. Great meeting you on Thursday. We shall have to make plans to meet again. You’ve been busy-getting the most our of those last dew days of summer. The curtain project is quite a success! I’m sure your mother was very grateful.

  9. I am addicted to spay paint – welcome to the club. was even thinking of painting a can on canvas. Guess i could have worse ;0)

  10. How did I miss this post? That turned out great! Love the color – one of my faves! I wanted to spray paint my outdoor set this summer, but time got away from me.

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