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We are headed to the Outer Banks this weekend for the Outer Banks Charity Classic Tennis Tournament at Duck Woods Country Club. Our partner plans fell through due to injuries and the pro at DWCC was kind enough to find partners for both of us so that we can participate. My partner is a young woman from Raleigh. That’s all I know about her. I hope she’s nice and won’t make me feel bad when I mess up. All we know about Mr. SP’s partner is that his name is John. The tournament guarantees each team at least three matches. We play Friday afternoon, Saturday, and Sunday morning. There’s a welcome party and pro exhibition match Friday night and a dinner with music and a silent auction Saturday night. It will be fun to play in a different area and hopefully get to know some new people. We are hoping to meet some locals so that when we are on vacation next summer, we can call people to play with us.

Usually we stay at Mama’s house, but it is being rented by a friend, so we are staying in a hotel. Our room is oceanfront, so I’m really excited about that. I haven’t stayed in an oceanfront room in years. We are stopping for BBQ at Cowlings on the way down Thursday night. I can’t wait for that!

On to other things…..
The VA Ten Miler was fun! It was overcast and not hot, so that was nice. It was a tad humid, but that really didn’t bother me much. I ran a very consistent pace and came in at 1:29:28. (My chip time was faster.) I felt great the whole time and at the end felt like I could run much farther.

Here’s my lovely race photo:
I really don’t look like I’m having a good time, but I am!

The Smith Mountain Lake Wine Festival was a bust. It was pouring rain when we got there, so we bagged that idea. We spent the afternoon at our friend’s house drinking wine indoors and then went out to dinner.

We played our second mixed doubles match on Sunday and won! Yeah!! Mr. SP and I aren’t scheduled to play again until the end of the month.

My friend Patt and I exchanged Fall swap boxes. Look at all of the goodies Patt sent me. She made the napkins! I told Patt that I like to take a nice napkin in my lunch each day as a little treat to myself. I can’t wait to show these off at the lunch table. I am required to eat in the cafeteria at the teacher’s table. We are surrounded by 240+ seventh graders eating and socializing. You can imagine that I would need any kind of pick-me-up that I could get in those surroundings. Let me tell you, you would not enjoy having lunch with me.

I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Your activities sound like so much fun. I love that you take a cloth napkin to school in your lunch. A friend of mine takes a sterling silver fork. She says it makes her lunch feel more special. I think I need to make her some cloth napkins to go with her fork!

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