Tomorrow’s Fun

I’ll start the day by running the Virginia 10 Miler. I didn’t train properly, so I’m really going to have to pace myself. This race ends with the last mile being a pretty steep uphill. It stinks, even if you are in good shape. I know that I can cover the distance, I just don’t think that I will be fast. It’s supposed to be cool and misty – perfect for running. I’ve done this race when it’s been hot and muggy and that is just miserable.

We’re headed to the Smith Mountain Lake wine festival after the race. I hope the sun comes out in the afternoon for the festival. It was certainly a beautiful wine festival day when this picture was taken. If it’s cool and rainy, we’ll skip this.

Sunday is USTA mixed doubles – our second match. We won last weekend, so may the force be with us to win again.

Mr. and Mrs. Sweet Pea
Ready to Play!


  1. I hope you did good in your run…and about my calf..bite your tongue! 🙂 I’m shooting for 2 weeks recovery- thankfully i have minimal brusing and can walk normally again and go up the stairs just still having problems putting full weight on my right leg but will keep working on the rehab- the doctor gave me all the exercises and have been doing them diligently. I MUST BE ABLE TO PLAY SOON! I MUST BE ABLE TO PLAY SOON! 🙂

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