The Party is Over!

After missing 12 days of school because of snow, today is the day I go back to reality. I sure am going to miss doing exactly what I pleased all day long. It was good while it lasted!


  1. The party does have to end, doesn’t it? 🙁 I am SOOOO angry that Natalie’s preschool is cancelled again today b/c the county it’s in has their schools on 2 hour delay. I am going to have to pay for a month’s tuition, and she has not been to school for even one day yet. It makes me sick. 🙁

    I hope your day back goes smoothly!!

  2. Twelve Days? Wow! Amazing for Virginia, huh? I hope you won’t be in school til July! Our children are going 15 mins. longer each day to make up for missed days.

    Paula, thanks a bunch for your nice birthday comments! 🙂


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