Vintage Kitchen Appliance Display

Valentine’s Day is over and I’ve about eaten all of the conversation hearts that I had on display in this area of my kitchen, so the time was right for a new counter display.  I decided to use vintage appliances that belonged to both of my grandmothers.


This waffle maker was probably used not too many years ago.  It belonged to my paternal grandmother.



The rest of the appliances on display belonged to my maternal grandmother.  The bowls that go with this mixer are really nice.  I should use them instead of only displaying them.


Granny made many a pot of coffee with this old coffee maker and opened many a can with this can opener.  They drank coffee with every meal.


My modern mixer blends nicely with these old appliances.


I can display the waffle maker open or closed.  I’ve been keeping it closed.


I’m glad that both of my grandmothers kept some of their appliances after they were no longer used.  Now-a-days we are quick to throw something away when it no longer works.  Did your grandparents save things that no longer worked?


  1. Paula, I also have many old kitchen gadgets of my grandmothers’ and I display them (some I use!) I’ve actually been working on a future blog post about them. I love that you’ve kept and use these memories. Great post
    xoxo Pattie

  2. My grandmother had a soup tureen that plugged in to keep the soup warm. The cord for it had been long time lost, but she kept the tureen in the middle of her kitchen table. She used it to tuck away bits of cake wrapped in foil, or cookies. As a five-year-old, I liked her re-purpose much better!

    I love your display. It looks great. Does the waffle iron still work? Cause I would put that puppy to work!

  3. WOW! I love old appliances. My Nannie’s 1930s toaster STILL works and she STILL uses it!! 🙂 I love your backsplash too. 🙂

  4. Paula, this is such a loving tribute to your family! My grandma had a waffle iron just like yours and I remember her making waffles for us on it! They were the best. I do think we are so quick to throw away our stuff but I also think a lot of ‘stuff’ made today is not made to last. My grandma’s ‘stuff’ was built to last forever…or close. I also remember my grandparents drinking coffee all the time.


  5. Hi Paula! I just adore that vintage display, but most of all, I love that harlequin backsplash! I’ve never seen pictures of it before on your blog. I love that it’s so unique and not what everybody else would have. Great job on that one!

  6. I can think of so many things to make with that waffle iron! I can just taste waffles and fresh desserts topped with fruits and creams coming forth over the internet. I cannot believe I do not own one.

  7. That’s so neat that you not only have those old appliances but that they were part of your family & your history!

  8. Beautiful display, I too remember those old appliances. The tile on your backsplash is wonderful. It would look great in my French Kitchen. Your givin’ me ideas!!

  9. Love how this looks! I recently was able to go through my late grandmother’s house with my mom and sort through things in preparation for selling the house. I got some neat things that I can’t wait to repurpose in my own home!

  10. Love your vintage kitchen appliance display! I also love your cabinets, countertops, and that gorgeous backsplash!

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