Pickle Making

I love pickle, especially sweet pickle. Dill pickle is good, but there’s nothing like a slice of sweet pickle as a snack. I like to have pickle on hand for potato salad and egg salad, too. My sweet mom and dad used to spend a lot of time in the summer canning the produce that they grew in their large garden. They made Bread and Butter Pickle, Lime Pickle, and later on Gene Parr Pickle. Gene Parr was a neighbor who made the best pickle. Daddy finally got the recipe and he started making it, too. It takes 11 days to make, so planning is important so that you’re sure to be around to take care of the pickle. I once had to hand a Gene Parr batch over to my mom to take care of when I didn’t plan correctly and went on vacation during the 11 day span. Gene Parr is gone now, but his legacy lives on because so many of his neighbors continue to make his pickle recipe. My Gene Parr Pickle will be ready to can on Monday, but I might cheat and do it tomorrow because I have to go back to school on Monday and I don’t think that I can face canning after being cooped up in school all day.

Here are some shots of my Lime Pickle.

Simmering the pickle for 35 minutes before canning:

Jars are ready to be processed for 15 minutes…

Finished Product!


  1. Are those tiles on the backsplash of your kitchen? Love the design.
    I love sweet pickles too! Have to admit that I’ve never had lime pickles but since my in laws pickle just about everything I’ll have to ask them next time I’m there if they have any.
    Have a wonderful week and again, welcome to Blogland!


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