Beauty You May Have Never Noticed

Did you know that when a fern first emerges in the spring it is called a fiddlehead?

You can tell from the picture why an immature frond is known as a fiddlehead.

Look again.

Fiddleheads are a spring delicacy in many areas of the country.  People steam them, eat them in salads, or pickle them.  I’ve never eaten a fiddlehead, but I’d try them given the opportunity.

I certainly don’t want to eat these fiddleheads because I want to enjoy the fern’s deer proof foliage all summer.  It seems odd that people eat these but the deer leave them alone.

I almost didn’t notice these when I was outside on Sunday.  By chance I leaned over to pull a weed and there they were.  I’ve found that if I really stop to look in nature, I see the most beautiful things.


  1. We have lots of ferns in the woods behind our house. I always look for these in the spring. They are pretty!

  2. I love unexpected finds like this – doesn’t it just make you smile? I think I have eaten fiddleheads, but I can’t remember what they tasted like!

  3. And did you know that as they are still curled up they are an example of the Golden Mean or a swirling square (depending on your term). Beautiful photos, my friend!

  4. This is a big reason why I love this time of year. Seeing things pop out of the ground. It is a very hopeful time.

  5. I didn’t know they were called fiddleheads, or even that people ate them. I never cease to be amazed at what nature can teach us. Beautiful photos too, Paula.

  6. And I could tell you the whole story of the fern life cycle, it’s quite interesting, but perhaps TMI for a blog comment – – – –

    Mrs. Science who still needs to teach SOMEPLACE!


  7. I had no idea they were called fiddleheads! Thanks for the botany lesson….now I’ll be in search of fiddleheads.

  8. Love this post! I planted 5 new Ostrich Ferns yesterday, and yes… the “fiddleheads” looked exactly as you pictured! I love nature, and it’s the time when I’m digging in the dirt that I feel closest to God!

  9. So pretty those little fiddleheads! Great pictures. I don’t know that I would eat one though, maybe with ranch dressing? Have a great weekend Paula!

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