First Time Blogging

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for some time now and I’ve finally done so. Today has been a crazy day. Our Explorer was broken into last night, so I’ve had to make a couple of trips today following my husband to the Ford dealership and then back to his work and later in the day to Sandroff’s, a local body shop. Sandroff’s will have the car ready on Wednesday, so that’s not too long to do without our trusty Explorer. The bad thing is it means no boating this weekend. Oh well, maybe we will get to some of our home projects that have been patiently waiting all summer, like the six sets of shutters, purchased in May, that need to be primed and painted. I’m in the middle of canning pickle, so more later today.


  1. I am canning this week also! As soon as I get my oldest son into the dormitory at the U of A. (that’s Arkansas not Alabama)

    Your pickles look great!


  2. I too, am new to blog land, it is addictive…I will be back to visit again!! Welcome!
    The pickles sound and look yummy! I also live in VA.~ I think you are the first blog I’ve come across from the same state!

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